These ridiculous Instagram photos prove just how fake social media really is

LET'S be honest – at some point, we've ALL added a nice filter to a selfie or brightened up an image to make it more worthy of the 'gram.

But these barely noticeable tweaks are nothing compared to the truly shocking Photoshop fails that are commonplace on social media these days.

And honestly, we don't know whether to laugh or cry over this grotesque gallery of Instagram's worst offenders.

From the women editing out their knuckles (yes, really) to the person who gave themselves a Kardashian-worthy derriere without considering their mismatched shadow, we have to ask: has social media finally gone too far?

And judging by the couple who Photoshopped both their bums (and gave themselves some wobbly arm muscles while they were at it), we're going to say yes… yes, it really has.

Picture this

Beach please

Shore that's real?

Shadow Days

All dolled up

Cheek of it

Snapchat vs reality

Who is that girl I see?

Long story short

Face off

Give us a hand

For more social media fails, these Instagram stars REALLY need to work on their Photoshop skills.

And these eyebrows are as bad as those tans, as this hilarious gallery shows.

Plus ff you want to witness some hilarious fashion fails, this gallery shows some of the dodgiest looks to ever hit the streets.

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