These Seamless Thongs Are Even 'Flawless Under Leggings,' According to Shoppers

From DIY tiny homes to the best deals on vacuums, Amazon is the crème de la crème destination for one-stop shopping — and that’s no secret. But every once in a while, the extent of just how much the retailer has expanded its reach can still be a surprise to many shoppers. 

As one customer puts it, one day you “never thought to buy thongs on Amazon” and the next, you’re repurchasing the same pack of thongs four times. And we wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the case once you get your hands on Wealurre’s Microfiber No Show Thong Panties. 

The seamless underwear are one of the retailer’s best-selling styles in the category of women’s thongs; not to mention, they’ve gained the attention — and perfect ratings — of more than 4,000 shoppers. Some even say they’ve halted their search for the perfect thong since the no-show underwear  has come into their lives. 

Buy It! Wealurre Microfiber No Show Thong Pantie 6-Pack in Black, $19.99–$20.99;

“I have finally found the perfect thongs,” said one reviewer. “It's practically impossible to find thongs without seams. I wore these for the first time today and no rubbing, no riding, no irritation. They look great, too. Highly recommend, especially for those that need a seamless fit not only in the sides but on the underside as well.” 

Sold in packs of six for just $20, each thong is made of a soft nylon and spandex blend with an all-over seamless cut  to prevent panty lines from showing. Since they’re designed with a low-rise fit, they can easily be paired with everything from leggings and jeans to shorts and skirts.

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And to add yet another notch to their list of accolades, the breathable underwear have earned the stamp of approval from gym-goers, which is no easy feat. “They are everything I was looking for,” one said. “Seamless and flawless under my workout leggings, comfortable, and stay in place during my workout. They are so seamless and smooth that there is no pinching or bulging of the extra fluff that I often find other brands do. I am beyond pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend these!”

Since the panties come in a variety of color combinations and cost so little, there’s never been a better reason to stock up and welcome Amazon into yet another corner of your home — even if it is your underwear drawer.

Buy It! Wealurre Microfiber No Show Thong Pantie 6-Pack in Assorted Leopard, $19.99–$20.99;

Buy It! Wealurre Microfiber No Show Thong Pantie 6-Pack in Assorted Patterns, $19.99–$20.99;

Buy It! Wealurre Microfiber No Show Thong Pantie 6-Pack in Assorted Solids, $12.99–$20.99;

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