Twins share their ‘chaotic’ fake tan routine and claim it’s the secret to bronzed skin which lasts at LEAST a week

WITH summer around the corner, many of us will be using a little extra fake tan to get that bronzed glow.

These Tiktok twins, however, have shocked thousands with their extreme tanning routine.

The pair, who go by the shared username @hondroutwins, posted videos of themselves fake tanning, and people can’t believe just how much fake tan they use.

As well-known tan fanatics, the twins often get questions about their self-tanning techniques.

In answer to the question “do you do u hands and feet if so how do u get it none streaky”, the Hondrou twins showed their extreme tanning habits.

They begin by squirting a mountain of fake tan onto rubber gloves, and then they rub the product all over their hands and feet.

To get a bronzed look on their hands, the twins simply rub the tan in “like it’s moisturiser”, and then use a towel to rub off the excess product from their palms. 

The twins don’t use tanning mitts for their tan, instead they use rubber gloves and they go through their rigorous self-tan routine every Thursday to stay bronzed.

They say that as they’re applying the product, it’s “super wet and streaky”, but after rubbing the product into the skin for long enough, the tan ends up even and lasts at least a week.

The twins' tanning results are very surprising – as they end up with a natural, streak-free tan, despite their extreme application process.

Their video depicting how they tan their hands and feet has racked up 2.2 million views, and many commenters couldn’t believe their eyes.

“How many people are you tanning? The amount of product”, asked one stunned commenter.

“This is wrong, so wrong”, wrote a second, while a third said: “How NOT to apply self tanner? This video is perfect.”

“Watching this was a beauty therapist’s worst nightmare”, joked another viewer.

One shocked commenter said: “This is so wrong!! Not at all how you apply tanner. I hope this is a joke.”


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