Vassuol's £11 blackhead-sucking face mask has racked up over 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon from customers who say the product is 'magic'

Well brace yourselves beauty fans because an affordable peel-off mask which promises to banish pesky blackheads has racked up over 3,000 reviews on Amazon – and it will only set you back £11.

  • Vassoul Blackhead Remover Mask, £11 from Amazon – buy now

Similar to a pore strip, Vassoul's "magic" mask works by penetrating the inside of clogged pores and then ripping out blackheads.

Recommending that shoppers apply the product with a synthetic brush, skincare fans need only apply a thin layer of the mask across their T-zone and peel off after 15 minutes.

And let's just say, the photos posted by impressed customers on Amazon really speak for themselves.

Describing how she'd been "dying to try this", one customer with "major blackheads" revealed how the "magic" product "not only got rid of unwanted facial hair but also cleared my skin and removed" the impurities.

Posting photos of her enviable clear skin afterwards, she added: "The second time around was even better, a lot more stuff came out. Will give my skin a breather and will do it again."

Meanwhile, another shopper labelled this the "best black mask I have ever used" which "does the job perfectly!"

Revealing that her "husband suffers from severe blackheads", the woman said: "It pulled out all his black/whiteheads and left his skin smooth and vibrant. It has worked wonders for me and my husband."

Unsurprisingly, some customers found the blackhead-sucking mask uncomfortable to peel off and therefore recommended covering your face with a "hot towel for a couple of minutes to 'open your pores' before applying the product".

And while one impressed customer "didn't think it was possible to remove blackheads from any peel-off mask", they concluded: "I tried it, and lo & behold – IT WORKED!!"

That's our evening plans sorted then…

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