We bought a 30-room hotel for £139k so we could live with the in-laws – and it's made our sex life BETTER

A MUM-OF-THREE revealed how she moved her parents in – to get some much needed alone time with her husband.

Carer Sam Pettit, 48, and her husband Robert, 68, a property investor, spent £300,000 buying a rundown 30 room hotel and renovating it into a huge family home.

The couple, from Blackpool, Lancs, now live in a multi-generational residence just like MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace, 55, and his wife Anna, 33.

Gregg lives in Kent with his 11-month-old son Sid and 23-year-old daughter from a previous relationship – as well as Anna’s mum Rina and dad Massimo.

But Sam and Robert took things one step further, with four generations of their family all living under one roof.

And, perhaps surprisingly, Sam says the set-up has not only made them a better family – but improved their sex life too.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, she reveals all…

“Waking up on a Saturday morning, I hear the usual banging and slamming of doors.

My daughter Ella, who is 11, runs past my room offering a cursory wave.

Instead of coming in for a cuddle, she’s heading to her grandparents' room in the massive old hotel we now call home.

She starts her morning with a hug and chat there, before we all settle down to breakfast in our multi-generational kitchen.

While many husbands and wives hate the thought of in-laws visiting, for us it’s a dream come true

While many husbands and wives hate the thought of in-laws visiting, for us it’s a dream come true.

In fact we were so determined to ensure they stay for good that we bought an old hotel and converted it into our very own multi-generational home.

It’s been my dream to have home big enough for everyone in the family to not only have a bedroom, but a whole area to call their own.

But we also love the big communal spaces – which are spacious enough for everyone to cook, have dinner and watch TV together. We even have our own pool table.

Now that I’ve finally achieved my goal, I couldn’t be happier.

It’s brought our family closer together – and given my husband and myself some quality time as a couple.

It’s improved our relationship and yes even our sex life.

When I read MasterChef's Gregg had moved in his wife Anna’s mum and dad, I joked with my husband Robert he was copying us.

Robert helped pick up the pieces and loved my idea of converting an old run-down hotel into a huge home for all family generations

I've been dreaming of this set-up since I was a child.

My first marriage ended in divorce in 2000, leaving me a single mum to Amy, 29, a dog walker who now has a daughter called Mia, four, and Billy, 25, a bricklayer.

My second long term partner tragically died of motor neurone disease while I cared for him.

I was pregnant with our daughter Ella, now 11, at the time.

Today, I'm a mum-of-three, step-mum to two and grandmother-of-one.

Then Robert and I met through friends in 2008.

He was a mate and after my second partner died so suddenly, that friendship turned to love.

It was something neither of us expected.

He helped pick up the pieces and loved my idea of converting an old run-down hotel into a huge home for all family generations.

It’s brought our family closer together – and given my husband and myself some quality time as a couple. It's improved our sex life

We became a couple in 2010, when Ella wasn't a year old, and I started scouring the country for the perfect place in 2012.

We were living in Oxford at the time, owning and running a small bespoke hotel.

One night in June 2014, I stumbled upon a 30-room hotel in Blackpool -which was in a complete state of disrepair.

I never thought I’d like Blackpool.But when I saw the old hotel, met the locals and then heard the £139,000 price tag, we snapped it up.

We spent another £160,000 converting the space into the perfect family home.

By law, we had to keep nine rooms for use as a bed and breakfast. But we knocked down the rest and created our dream home.

In 2018, my mum Carol Jolly, 78, a former PR consultant, and dad Pat 84, a retired school manager, moved in.

We all have the same front door – but every family has its own mini flat.

Ella, Robert and I have the basement up to the ground floor – with our own office space. My mum and dad have the first floor.

My daughter Amy and my grandaughter Mia use the second floor when they are here, and there's space for our other relatives too.

Next to our area, is the huge communal kitchen, where we spend most of the day, as well as a lounge and dining room.

Ella loves spending time with her Nan, which means we can have lazy Sunday mornings in bed. Sometimes we feel like teenagers again

It’s definitely made us stronger as a couple. Robert and I got married last year and my parents helped us plan the wedding.

While some blokes run a mile at the mere thought of the in-laws visiting for a day, Robert can’t get enough of it.

He goes to the pub with my dad, while Ella and I will go out for a coffee with my mum.

Robert and I now have dedicated weekly date nights – when Mum and Dad look after Ella.

If we fancy a weekend away, we don't have to look far for childcare.

Our love life has definitely improved. We are more relaxed and less stressed about our business, because Mum and Dad are there to help.

Ella loves spending time with her Nan, which means we can have lazy Sunday mornings in bed. Sometimes we feel like teenagers again.

Gregg has joked his wife can't leave him because he moved her mum and dad in.

Robert and I  use that same joke. Robert tells me if we split up, my mum and dad would go with him they adore him so much.

While I tell him he can't leave, because he has to contend with my parents and all the other relatives.

Robert tells me if we split up, my mum and dad would go with him they adore him so much

Mum and Dad are closer as a couple too, now they're not worried about missing out in retirement.

The hustle and bustle of the house keeps everyone busy and feeling wanted.

Ella is never bored and knows exactly who to scam chocolate off and who can help her with different homework subjects.

We all love the feeling of togetherness.

Some of our friends are stunned at the set-up. They tell us horror stories about their in-laws or their own family members.

But some of my pals ask Robert to help talk their husbands into doing what we did.

Gregg is right – a multigenerational household is wonderful.

When everyone is visiting, it’s a super full house.

But everyone still has space and if there is an argument, there is plenty of room to hide and cool down.

Sam's husband Robert says:

When my kids from my first marriage – Claire, 33, who works in banking, and Anthony, 35, a truck driver – visit with their two young kids, they love it.

It’s a unique sense of family togetherness. I love my in-laws too, which helps.

It's so unique to have great grandparents and great grandchildren all under one roof.

It means I always have someone to discuss footy with and there is always someone to help take out the bins.

Sam and I are closer than ever now.

Sam's mother Carol says:

The hustle and bustle of a big family home makes you feel wanted.

Getting so much quality time with Ella is a dream come true.

I love feeling needed and seeing all the generations working together.

I still tell Sam she should dust or clean differently, but all mums do that.

Sam's dad Pat says:

Carol and I have our own section to live in and then come down to a big welcoming communal lounge room and kitchen.

I reckon I'm busier now in retirement than I was when I worked full-time, but I wouldn’t change it.

You hear stories of families forgetting about their mums or dads, with grandparents being all alone.

That will never happen here. There's less stress on everyone because we share the housework.

The best bit is never missing out on family news, it's happening all around us.

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