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IF YOU'RE wondering what the dress code is for a beach wedding, you're not alone.

Because it's such a confusing subject, we've rounded up the dos and don'ts of wedding attire etiquette, beach edition.

What should you wear to a beach wedding?

Most beach weddings are in the spring and summer, meaning the colors and fabrics will be brighter and lighter than the heavy jewel tones and thicker fabrics of fall and winter weddings.

Think of fabrics like cotton and linen and floral, tropical, or preppy prints.

Also, though, you want to elevate your look, so it doesn't scream "tourist."

The venue for the wedding should help you determine what you should wear.


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How does the venue affect what I should wear?

If you're going to be standing in the sand while the bride walks down the aisle barefoot, you can get by with a sundress and sandals.

If you're going to be on a dock or a patio overlooking the water, you might want to read the invitation closely; any variation of "beachy cocktail" or "semi-formal" attire means you need to kick it up a notch.

This means something close to typical cocktail attire but without the hose or tights and likely with paired-down shoes.

For women, this means neutral shoes (like leather or cork) with coastal-inspired accessories (think: seagrass handbags, pearl jewelry, and monograms!)



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For men, this can range from colored or patterned suit jackets with khaki (or navy) pants and loafers.

Beach Wedding Dos and Donts


  • Remember a stylish pair of sunglasses if the sun is direct
  • Wear a cute shawl if it's going to be chilly out
  • Wear a pattern, especially if it's nautical-inspired
  • Bring a bottle of water if it's going to be hot outside
  • Opt for wedges over heels if you're going to be on grass or in sand
  • Be flexible with the weather; bring an umbrella in your car


  • Wear all black
  • Go too formal
  • Wear white with a print on it; it's still white
  • Be afraid to accessorize

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