What you see in this optical illusion reveals what people first notice about you – it can mean you’re intense

WHAT you initially see in this optical illusion reveals what people first notice about you – and it could mean you're intense.

The interesting image puts the emphasis on first impressions,uncovering your traits based on what your eyes are drawn to first.

The baffling brainteaser was created by artist Oleg Shupliak, who is famed for morphing hidden illusions into his paintings.

It can be interpreted in numerous different ways by illusion enthusiasts, with many observing a different element first.

The face of a glaring figure is the rudimentary noticeable feature, while a musician smoking a pipe and a horse are also included.

The somber painting is also set on a gloomy hilltop, with a lone tree leaning over the man.

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But which of the trifecta did you look at first?

If it was the horse on the right-hand side which allured you, it means the first thing people notice about you is your "intense" eye contact.

According to YourTango, although people may originally find this overpowering they will soon warm up to you.

After embarking on a conversation, they will realize that your keen eye contact represents an ability to make and maintain deep connections.

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Don't be thrown off by people who don't seem to know what to make of you at first. Give them time and they will come around.

For those who spotted the mysterious musician first, it means the first observation made of you is likely to be your sense of humor.

Your unique view of the world and oozing charisma means pretty much anyone will find you funny and up for a laugh.

You attract almost everyone you meet, but that doesn't mean you need to make everyone a part of your inner circle.

Arguably the most powerful hidden feature in the illusion is the huge head with its striking facial features.

If you spotted this first, it suggests the first impression people make of you is your ability to put others at ease.

Armed with a warm handshake and kind smile, your listening abilities radiate through your dialogue and demeanor.

But make sure to find friends who nurture you the way you naturally nurture those around you.

If you enjoyed discovering more about yourself through Oleg Shupliak's incredible illusion, why not take a look at this one.

The mind-bending image claims it can reveal the type of person yo become when you fall in love.

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And, Shupliak’s artwork titled “Ivan Hrozniy kills his son” could reveal what you find least attractive in relationships.

At first glance, the murder scene may seem quite clear – but its hidden details claim to uncover your true turn-offs.

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