Why Aren't More Fashion Brands Designing Adaptive Clothing?

Image Source: Courtesy of Slick Chicks / Roohi Photography
“The first thing we do in our day is put on our undergarments and not all of us put them on one leg at a time,” says Helya Mohammadian, founder and CEO of adaptive underwear brand, Slick Chicks told POPSUGAR. “People have different experiences and some people need help changing.” Sure, there are a handful of brands with adaptive collections, or clothing designed around the needs and abilities of people with varying degrees of disability — there’s Nike, which produced the first ever hands-free sneaker, Go FlyEase, that allows wearers to slip feet in without zipping, tying or velcroing closed; ASOS created the first wheelchair-friendly jumpsuit back in 2018; and Target and Tommy Hilfiger sell adaptive clothing. But when one in four US adults have a disability, and diversity and inclusion efforts are at an all time high — why aren’t there more fashion brands catering to this significant population? We spoke to three adaptive fashion designers who have been designing with this approach since their inception to gather more insights on the importance of adaptive fashion and the potential hurdles brands face to become adaptive.

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