Woman accuses her mum of hiding ‘secret brother’ after finding a birth certificate – for a Cabbage Patch Doll

A WOMAN flew into a rage and accused her mum of hiding a ‘secret brother’ after she found a mysterious birth certificate. 

The woman, named Kristian, actually stumbled across the documentation for a Cabbage Patch Doll, a popular toy in the 90s, which came with birth and adoption papers. 

Her mum had kept the certificate for the doll, called Clyde Fabian, believing it might be worth something one day. 

Kristian’s sister, Chloe, shared the hilarious blunder on Twitter, where the bizarre tale has racked up more than 15,000 likes. 

Chloe wrote: “I may have done a lot of embarrassing things in my life, but my older sister actually once found a cabbage patch kids birth certificate in my moms filing cabinet, started screaming at and accusing our mom of hiding our ‘brother’ Clyde Fabian from us, and she was like 15.

“Why my mom kept the birth certificate? She thought the cabbage patch might be worth something one day bc it was an original. 

“Why she kept it with our birth certificates? I don’t know. That’s the part of the story where my mom did an embarrassing thing.”

She explained she’d been reminded of the saga after Kristian gave birth to a little girl, and their younger sister decided to buy her a fitting present. 

She bought the little girl a hilarious outfit which reads 'Clyde Fabian is my uncle'.

Chloe continued: “When my older sister Kristin had her first baby, my hilarious younger sister @catjaddy had this onesie made for our niece. 

“At least Kristin has a good sense of humor about the whole snafu.”

Her post has racked up thousands of responses, with one person joking: “Clyde Fabian is such a Cabbage Patch Kid name.”

Another wrote: “That kind of imagination – amazing hahah.”

This person said: “I can’t breathe.”

Someone else thought: “Clyde Fabian is pretty awesome name for a brother.”

Another person commented: “Reading this gave me a laugh this morning. Thanks!”

Somebody else admitted: “This just reduced me to tears. I can't even."

While another added: “This is gold.”

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