Woman amazed after £2.99 buy gets her grotty loo sparkling clean – with NO scrubbing – The Sun

CLEANING the loo has got to be one of the worst household jobs out there, and we'd do anything to avoid spending too long scrubbing the toilet bowl.

So when one woman found a cheap Aldi product that got her loo sparkling clean without any effort on her behalf, she couldn't wait to share it with others on social media.

Taking to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one woman shared impressive photos before and after using a £2.99 loo cleaner from Aldi.

She wrote: "No judgement please as I took pics before I cleaned it.

"I've battled with limescale for a while now and tried everything!

"I came across this stuff in Aldi for I think around £2.99 and OMFG the difference!

"This is only after an hour and I used boiling water too. There's 3 treatments in the box. I bloody love it!"

The woman says she waited until her loo was in need of a good clean to test out the cleaning product, so see just how much filth it would remove.

Other cleaning fans flocked to her post to confirm that they too had experienced good results with the cleaning product.

"I got some the other day after seeing a recommendation on here. It’s amazing isn’t it," one wrote.

Meanwhile, some people who have battled stubborn stains and limescale have vowed to rush out and buy the product as soon as possible.

One woman said: "Wow that is flipping fantastic. I will be getting myself some of this. Thanks for posting."

A second added: "Wow wow wow you can really see the difference, am definitely guna get some.. Thanks for sharing. "

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