Woman claims how you answer her riddle says EVERYTHING about the way you view the world… and it’s blowing people’s minds

A WOMAN has left the internet baffled by asking a question that has completely split opinion.

TikTok user @erica_mallett set off a debate about how people view time.

In a video that has 1.4million likes, she said: “You don’t truly know someone until you’ve asked them this question.

“You could have known them for 10, 15 years, you feel like you know them inside out but the answer to this question will change everything you think you knew about them.

“Here’s the question.

“If I say we have a meeting at midday and I say ‘can we move it forward two hours’ what time is that?”

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In a follow-up question she explained how the two possible answers of 10am and 2pm reveal a lot about how you see the world.

Erica explained: “This question I asked is really freaking people out.

“There are two answers people will give are 10am or 2pm and this is why – it depends how you view time.”

Putting her hands up like a graph, she continued: “This is time, this is you, and if you see yourself moving through time then you are moving towards 2pm.

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“You will say 2pm.

“But if you see time as moving through you, you will see 10am.

“Every day I spend on this earth I realise how different people see the world.”

Many people were shocked at the different answers. 

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Some were adamant 10am is the correct result, with one saying: “I literally cannot comprehend who is answering with 2pm.”

However, others were sure 2pm was right, with one person commenting: “OMG I would never think that anyone would say 10am.”

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