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A WOMAN has created a super privacy fence and has shared her simple solution to ensure your neighbours won’t be able to snoop in your back garden. 

The DIY fan and gardening whizz explained that she hated her ugly retaining wall fence, but instead of splashing the cash and building a huge privacy fence, she came up with her own unique hack.

She claimed that to hide her ugly fence and to stop her neighbours from looking in, she used plants to create her own version of a privacy fence. 

Posting on social media, the DIY whizz shared her clip with the caption ‘Hide your neighbours – screening.’

She said: “How to: Hide the ugly fence and neighbours.”

In the clip, we then saw the woman create her own plant borders, to go around the edge of the garden, next to the fence.

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Here, she then planted her secret weapon, as she continued: “We decided to plant Lilly Pilly plants as they are tall and fast growing.

“These babies will be four metres tall in about a year.

“Bye neighbours.”

The gardening fan later confirmed: “We are going to paint the sides a different colour but you won’t see the back fence at all eventually once the plants grow.” 

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The TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @brikblokontiktok, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has amassed a whopping 497,800 views. 

However, social media users weren’t totally keen on the woman’s idea and many were left asking the same question. 

One person said: “Why didn't you just plant in the ground?” 

Another added: “Why not just plant directly into the ground rather than a long coffin box?” 

A third commented: “Why not just put up some nice screens and a few plants in the ground?” 

Whilst someone else asked: “Just curious, but why the raised garden bed?”

To this, the gardening enthusiast replied: “Yes it’s for extra height and because we are going to raise the turf soon to make it all level.” 

At the same time, someone else noted: “Planted way too close.”

Whilst another TikTok user chimed in: “That fence ain’t ugly…”

One user shared: “Fence isn’t ugly though. However, that planter is.” 

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As another penned: “Except the constant watering is gonna rot the fence – our neighbours did it and now they have to replace the fence.” 

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