Woman reveals genius cling film hack that will leave your shower hose free from grime and rust

CLEANING the bathroom can be a huge job to tackle, especially when there's stubborn dirt and rust buried away in the grout of tiles or clinging on to the shower hose.

If you've spent hours trying to get rid of the rust build-up on your steel shower hose, then you're not alone – but what if we told you there was a quicker and much easier way of getting it sparkling once again?

One cleaning fan has revealed the genius hack they swear by to remove any build-up on their shower hose and all they need to do so is two budget household essentials.

Using white vinegar spray (£3.90, Amazon) and cling film, TikTok user @cleanwithme9670 shared a step-by-step video of the cleaning process and insisted it works.

They generously sprayed the hose down with white vinegar, before wrapping it in cling film and leaving it to soak.

When they removed the cling film, any discolouration, rust or dirt had gone – leaving the shower hose sparkling clean.

The quick cleaning hack seems easy enough to recreate, with the cleaning fan encouraging others to follow suit.

They commented: "Definitely try it. It works so well."

People didn't need persuading and were left impressed with the results, with hundreds liking the video and thousands watching it online.

Keen to test the trick out in their own bathrooms, one person commented: "Wow. I'm going to be trying this."

They weren't the only one, as another said: "Deffo going to be trying this."

A third tagged their partner, revealing their plans to give it a go, with their partner more than keen for them to try.

They replied: "Crack on pal."

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