Woman reveals her ex named his son after their stillborn baby and people have branded him 'appalling' and 'horrific'

So one woman was understandably devastated when she learnt that her ex had had another baby – and named him after their stillborn son.

The woman opened up about the horrifying situation on Mumsnet, in a post simply entitled "So hurt".

She wrote: "Hi, just need opinions please. My ex has just had a son and he has called him an identical name to our son who was stillborn.

"Please someone tell me they also think this is disrespectful."

Clearly keen to keep her identity private, the poster didn't reveal her or her son's name.

As expected, other Mumsnet users were shocked by the woman's story.

One person commented: "I'm failing to find words strong enough to express how low, appalling and horrifying I find that.

"I'm so sorry, both for your lost baby boy and for your ex's selfishness and insensitivity."

Others wrote: "That's horrific. I'm so sorry," and: "That's beyond words. Look after yourself."

Some suggested that the woman's ex may have been trying to honour their son – although they agreed that this would have been "completely lacking in consideration".

But she didn't seem to think that was the case, replying: "I don't think it's been done as a way of honouring our son.

"He also stole a lot of his clothes for his new son and both him and his girlfriend have ignored my messages asking for them back and blocked me.

"I think it was his one last way to hurt me and boy has it worked."

When asked if it was a family name, the woman added: "It wasn't a family name. For the last few months his girlfriend had a name, now they've completely switched. I do believe it has been done partly to hurt me.

"I feel it has taken away from my son and shows he has no respect for me, our son or the hurt we went through losing him.

"I'm going to move on but this is a hurt that will stay with me a long time."

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