Woman reveals secret room that's hidden underneath her kitchen table but everyone's got the same concern | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the secret room that's hidden underneath her kitchen table – but while some were blown away by the revelation, others expressed the same concern.

Kat and Darren, who post under the username @theleblancgroup, took to TikTok and posted a video showing their very stylish kitchen.

Kat then asks: "Imagine having this underneath your kitchen."

Moments later, she seen pushing the marble kitchen worktop to reveal a set of stairs that leads into a whole new room.

And much to everyone's amazement, it turns out it's a hidden wine cellar.

She captioned the post: "Shhh, it’s a secret – just kidding, it’s Darren’s party trick."


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The video has since gone viral and racked up a whopping 3.5 million views – but many expressed the same concern.

"Yeah these are the kind of rooms that end up being stories for survival movies," wrote one.

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A second quipped: "I’d have had it as a panic room."

A third agreed: "First thing I thought was someone could push the counter top back in place and boom, I’m stuck."

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Meanwhile, a fourth asked: "What if someone closed that table/counter while you are in there?"

Another pointed out: "I have seen this in a horror movie.. I wouldn’t like to have that in my house.. I love the kitchen island size though!"

Elsewhere, others were blown away by the secret room.

"Wow! that's awesome!" enthused one.

A further praised: "C’mon….now I feel really poor, even after payday."

And one more added: "Omg got thats awesome. Thought at first I thought it was gonna be a hot tub in the kitchen."

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