Woman shares a snap from a walk and asks people to spot the bird… so can you see where it's sitting?

A WOMAN was left amused after her mum sent her a photo of a bird from a walk she was on – and it took her AGES to spot where the creature was. 

The bird looks camouflaged in the field it was spotted – so can you see where it is sitting?

Carolyn uploaded the shot to Facebook with the caption: “My mum sent me this photo asking me to identify this bird…. eventually I found the bird, but I have no idea what it is. Any ideas?”

Many people were equally baffled as to where the bird was in the photo.

One person added: “Had to double check when this was posted as I couldn't find a bird anywhere in the picture so thought it was an April Fool.”

If you look closely, the bird is sitting on the back fence on the right side of the picture – but you may need to be eagle-eyed to see it. 

Carolyn told Fabulous: “It did make me laugh when she sent it to me.”

When people were able to find the hidden bird, many questioned if it was a buzzard or red kite. 

Carolyn added she thinks it is a red kite as one flew over their home the following week.

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