Woman shares clever hack to make your clothes dry faster – it’s totally free and all you need is a fitted sheet | The Sun

IT'S difficult in the current climate to get our clothes dry without resorting to using the tumble dryer.

But one woman has shared a clever hack to get your laundry dry a lot faster – with no tumble dryer in sight.

"Want to dry your clothes a lot quicker?" she began her TikTok video.

She then advised turning on the radiators and grabbing a double or king size fitted sheet.

"Put your double fitted sheet over the radiator and put it all the way over the clothes," she said.

In the video, she showed how she'd put one end of the fitted sheet behind the radiator, and the other end over the top of a clothes airer, laden with clean clothes.

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People were quick to praise her for sharing the hack in the comments section, with one writing: "This is genius!"

"Great idea, thanks!" another added.

But not everyone was convinced by the trick, with one writing: "Or just put the dryer closer to the radiator."

To which the woman replied: "You could do but this way keeps the heat from rising to the ceiling more."

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"Buy a dehumidifier, then you don't have to put your heating on," another wrote.

"Won't work the sheet as the sheet isn't warm," a third insisted.

"It will get in the way.

"Just put the washing next to the radiator."

"My heating costs more to have on that the tumble dryer," another sighed.

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