Woman shares the seven things that make you 'basic' if you've asked for them for Christmas | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the seven things that make you a "basic b**ch" if you've asked for them for Christmas.

Caitlin took to her TikTok page to share her rundown, as she said: " If any of these items are on your Christmas list this year, I hate to break it to you but you're a basic b**ch."

She kicked off with the viral UGG minis, as she said: "All I'm saying is that you're paying £135 for a shoe that you can't even get wet.

"If these even so much as smell a droplet of rain, they're done."

Next on the list was Apple's AirPods Max, as she said: "If you're asking for these, you're not only a basic b**ch, you're a rich one!"

Caitlin didn't know how much the headphones were until she Googled them, and discovered they're actually £549.

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"If you're asking for anything from Brandy Melville – literally anything from that whole website, you're a basic b**ch," she continued.

And the next item on the list was one that Caitlin had actually asked for herself – the Glossier You eau de parfum.

"If any of you basic b**ches managed to get your hands on this this Christmas, I am jealous, because this is what I asked for," she said.

"But it's out of stock!"

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Wanting a black North Face padded jacket also makes you a basic b**ch, Caitlin said, adding: "But I don't blame you for wanting it because it's really warm."

Another option is the Iets Frans padded jacket – £79 from Urban Outfitters – with Caitlin saying: "If you're asking for this, you secretly want the black North Facebut you want to be different from the other girlies!"

She concluded her list with Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium perfume, saying: "And finally, if you're asking for this then congratulations, because now every man, every man in England, will love how you smell!"

"POV you have half the things on the list," one person commented on the video.

"i knew the first one would be ultra mini uggs," another added.

As a third wrote: "help I had the uggs and brandy melville!"

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