Woman shows off her glam appearance in fun video – but it’s not her singing which has got everyone talking | The Sun

A WOMAN who shared a fun video showing off her glam look has found herself going viral – but perhaps not for the best reasons.

Posting to her TikTok account, Talaa Mahfouz  shared a video of her glam look while lip-syncing in the car.

But the comments quickly filled with people pointing out the same thing.

“Honey you look gorgeous but that concealer is brighter than my future,” wrote one TikTok user.

Yes, it seems, that she had not blended the concealer under her eyes – or she was attempting to start a bizarre new fashion trend.

“Could you tell me which powder you use so I never use it,” reads a second comment.

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To which another commenter joked that rather than powder or concealer, Talaa had actually used flour.

“She has bright circles instead of dark circles” wrote a third commenter, while others quipped that perhaps she actually gets too much sleep rather than too little.

Not everyone was piling on to joke about the concealer though, with some commenters leaping in to defend Talaa.

One user wrote: “Apparently none of you tried filming with the flash on while wearing concealer.”

“I think ur gorgeous and ur concealer isn’t going to change that so idk why ppl r obsessed with it,” added a second.

Even Talaa got in on the joke, posting a follow up video where she actually does put some flour under her eyes.

One commenter shared some advice for Talaa, and anyone else who has faced the predicament of filming with flash while wearing make-up.

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“No but fr tho i always have this problem, my concealer matches my skin perfectly but with flash its white. So I started setting it with a pressed powder.

“But also make sure your concealer actually matches ur skin tone though, I don't recommend going much lighter tbh.”

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