Woman who paid £40 for a haircut gets told it ‘looks like someone cut it with teeth’ after sharing disastrous results

LOCKDOWN saw Brits debuting some dodgy haircuts, as they either tried to trim their own locks or roped in an unwilling family member or housemate. 

The world rejoiced when salons finally reopened and professionals could quietly fix the mess we’d been left with. 

Which is why one woman is fuming after forking out for a salon cut, only to be left with a disaster. 

The unhappy customer shared a snap of her do to Reddit, and it’s safe to say there’s room for improvement.

She captioned the horrifying pic: “I paid $50 for this haircut.” 

The snap quickly went viral, racking up nearly 1,000 comments, as people reckoned it looked like someone had hacked at her hair with their teeth.

I paid $50 for this haircut

One person said: “OMG! if it is within 24 hrs most stylists will refund you or correct it.”

Another joked: “This is why you don't fall asleep at parties.”

A third thought: “Looks like it got cut with someone's teeth.”

Someone else reckoned: “Was most definitely not a stylist.”

Another commented: “I fear if this stylist tried to ‘correct it’ OP would end up having to wear a wig.”

This person joked: “At least 3 bowls used for that creation…”

While another asked: “How did you describe the look you wanted?

"Can you just randomly cut of pieces and then do some jagged areas?"

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