Woman’s Christmas tree dubbed ‘world’s worst’ as it falls to pieces – as she jokes it ‘sums up 2020’

A WOMAN’S sad-looking Christmas tree has been labelled the “world’s worst” and it’s not hard to see why. 

TikTok user Melody shared a clip of the comical moment her cousin cut open their tree, and people are saying the dismal fir sums up 2020. 

In the clip, the man starts to snip open the net with the top branches unfolding to make the tree look fuller. 

However, it all goes wrong when he reaches the bottom half, as the tree suddenly falls apart. 

The festive fir is left looking a lot more bare than expected and nothing like the picture-perfect ones you see on Instagram. 

The baffled man can be heard accusing the woman of “breaking” the tree. 

Since the hilarious video was shared online, it has racked up over 11 million views. 

Melody joked in the caption: "If this doesn't perfectly sum up 2020, I don't know exactly what does."

Over 600,000 people have liked the video, with one saying: “World's worst tree…I'm calling it."

Another added: "My god the way he said you broke it that got me."

A third commented: "That tree looks the same as the rest of us after 2020."

However, one positive person wrote: “Just more room to stack presents."

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