Women issue warning after claiming ‘breast lift in a box’ Booby Tape left them with 'tears and scarred skin'

WOMEN have been issuing warnings after claiming that using the ‘breast lift in a box’ Booby Tape has left them with 'tears and scarred skin'.

Shoppers have taken to TikTok and Twitter to complain about a multitude of skin-related issues, including rashes, blisters, bleeding, and torn skin on their delicate breast tissue.

The product is available in five-metre rolls in black, nude and brown colours, and can be cut to shape to suit revealing ensembles.

One woman claims she was left with permanent breast scarring – and other customers were quick to comment on her post saying they had suffered similar injuries.

Another woman claims Booby Tape tore off a layer of her nipple skin, with another shopper saying she was left with a visible rash on her chest.

Booby Tape is stated as being “hypoallergenic” and “painless to remove”, despite the complaints. 

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Some shoppers have claimed that the product does not come with a sufficient guide for safely removing it from skin without causing damage.

And others have said they didn’t receive adequate response from customer service when they tried to report any injuries.

Founders Bianca and Bridgett Roccisano, from Melbourne, were reported to be earning millions from their Booby Tape, which costs £10 a roll on PrettyLittleThing.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, the siblings – who are from Victoria in Australia – came up with the idea for a body tape, that's strong enough to support larger busts, after struggling to find bras to go with their backless or off-shoulder outfits.

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They headed to a hardware shop to recreate the fashion trick for a night out – but when they got home they struggled to remove it, suffered an allergic reaction and discovered it had ripped their skin.

This prompted them, after a year of research and testing, to launch Booby Tape in 2018.

The sisters revealed how they started their business with £8,000 and spent £3,700 on a photo shoot.

Their first order was for just 200 rolls because they weren't initially sure they would be able to shift the stock.

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In a statement to Daily Mail Australia, a representative said users should follow “our removal steps” to avoid skin injuries.

They also addressed the complaints about customer service and said the founders  “found non-responsiveness claims upsetting” as they think “they are very responsive”.

Booby Tape has been contacted for comment.

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