Women share their 'life-changing' iPhone hacks – from decoding blocked-out messages to sending 'secret texts'

WE may have owned iPhones for the best part of 10 years now – but let's be honest, they're still pretty much a total mystery to us.

And while we're still struggling to wrap our heads around the Cloud (seriously what IS it?!), these savvy women have revealed their little-known hacks which ALL iPhones can do.

From decoding blocked messages to sending "secret texts", here Fabulous shares the iPhone tips and tricks we wish we knew all along.

How to screenshot a whole page

Despite our best intentions to put our collection of cookbooks to good use, we always end up just searching for an easy recipe online.

Sound familiar? Well rather than keeping the tab open on your phone forevermore, one savvy TikTok user revealed how you can screengrab the WHOLE page.

In a viral video which has been viewed by over three MILLION people, Shirley said: "I was today years old when I found out you could screenshot an entire page, LOOK!!"

After taking a screenshot of the page, Shirley clicked on the preview image which popped up in the corner.

Once you tap on this, Shirley highlighted how two tabs appear at the top of the page which are labelled "screen" and "full page".

When she tapped on the latter, it allowed her to scroll through the whole page and then save it as a PDF.

Blown away by the life hack, one user replied: "I just wanted to let you know you're the best person on earth."

Another added: "MY LIFE HAS CHANGED."

How to read covered texts

Nothing piques our curiosity more than when our mates forward us a text message which has been largely blocked out.

That said, TikTok user Romina has revealed how you can uncover the hidden texts in just a few steps.

"Save and edit the screenshot," she explained in a viral video.

After making the image overexposed, she then alters the shadows and highlights too.

Next, she increases the contrast which allows her to read the message which had previously been covered by a black box.

How to send 'secret texts'

Thanks to face recognition technology, it's (thankfully) pretty hard to break into someone's iPhone these days.

But if you want to make sure your messages are extra secure, then Romina has also revealed how you can send "secret" texts without using iMessage or Whatsapp.

Once you've done this, you can then share the Note with anyone in your contacts and message back and forth this way.

In another viral video, she said: "Do you want to send secret messages? Go to Notes and add a subject."

Block scam calls FOREVER

There's no denying that scam calls are deeply irritating – but instead of just ignoring them, Romina revealed how you can block them once and for all.

Sharing her tip with her 19.5m followers, she said: "Are you also tired of getting 'Scam Likely' calls? Well this is how to fix it."

In the video, Romina films herself going into setting and scrolling down until she gets to 'phone'.

Once you tap on this, you have to scroll down again until you find 'silence unknown callers' and then tick that box.

"I think you just changed my life," one fan replied.

Another added: "Thank you so so so so much!!"

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