You can get your grimey, blackened pans looking new again using a 5p tumble dryer sheet and there’s no scrubbing needed

COOKING can be a chore at the best of times, but the last thing you want to do after sitting down to your evening meal is start scrubbing scorched pots and pans.

But it seems there's an easy way to way to get your blackened pans sparkling clean again and it involves no scrubbing whatsoever – in fact, it doesn't even involve regular cleaning products at all.

A real estate agent has shared her genius hack for cleaning burnt saucepans and it involves a cheap item that you probably already have laying around the house.

Jennifer Folsom, from Texas, posted the cleaning trick on her Instagram page and revealed that dryer sheets are the best way to easily remove stubborn burnt on food from cooking pots.

For it to work, you simply place a dryer sheet in the pot, fill it with water and let it soak  – half an hour for small burns, or overnight for stubborn marks.

The idea is that the chemicals in the dryer sheet will soften the gunk on the pan making it easy to just wipe away without the scrubbing.

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You can pick up a pack of 34 Lenor dryer sheets for £1.99 at The Range, so that only works out to be 5p per sheet.

You can also try adding washing up liquid to the water when you leave it to soak, but the dryer sheets should work well enough on their own.

Alternatively, cleaning fanatics swear by The Pink Stuff and insist the miracle cleaning paste is the ONLY thing that works at removing burnt on food and grease.

But perhaps they haven't tried dryer sheets?

  • 34 Lenor dryer sheets,  £1.99 at The Range – buy here

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