You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the odd worm out in this devilishly difficult optical illusion | The Sun

HIDING somewhere in this mind-boggling optical illusion is one sneaky worm gone rogue.

You might have red-hot observation skills if you can spot the squirmy invertebrate that's different from the rest.

The odd worm out is lurking somewhere in this fiendish puzzle that works to deceive you eyes.

It is cleverly disguised and only those with the best vision skills can spot the rogue worm.

And it’s not an easy task, many internet users have been left stumped trying to locate the pesky worm but don't let this put you off beating our challenge.

Do you have sharp enough eye sight to find it?

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You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot rogue letter in optical illusion

But don’t worry if you are struggling because help is on the way.

You might also want to try to defeat this puzzling underwater illusion by finding the difference between these pictures in under eight seconds.

Or on a more topical theme, Brits have been challenged to find the hidden pictures in a Coronation-inspired party scene seek and find puzzle.

And for those looking to challenge themselves further, can you spot the spot the bird that is hiding in a flowery park?

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Maybe you prefer wordier-puzzles and this one challenges you to find the rogue letter in this optical illusion.

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