You're most likely been cleaning your coffee machine wrong this whole time – expert shows how to do it for cheap

WHEN deep cleaning your home, do you also clean your coffee maker? And no, not just the coffee pot but the machine itself?

You most likely aren't which is why one expert has explained how to deep clean it every other week.

The TikTok star behind the account Problem Solved posed a head-scratching question to his followers when he said: "You clean your coffee pot, but when was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker?

"It's easy and cheap with just denture tablets. These things are super handy to clean way more than just dentures," he revealed in his video.

"Fill the water tank up and add one or two tablets, then let those completely dissolve.

"Denture tablets are going to be great to remove bacteria from the inside of your coffee machine and descale.

"Traditional cleaning kits can be kinda expensive but these denture tablets are dirt cheap."

He then revealed that this hack works for both traditional and single-serve machines.

"Then, run your coffee maker like normal – without coffee, of course. Run the machine with the denture tablets until the reservoir is empty."

You'll want to then pour out the water and clean the reservoir and coffee pot before repeating the process once again WITHOUT the denture tablets.

"Once the water runs clear, you're ready for a fresh brew."

Previously, the same TikTok star had shared how he cleans his oven without any harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

After removing the crates inside and picking up leftover bits of burnt food, he created a thick white paste out of the water and baking soda.

Using a sponge or rag, wipe the thick paste all over the oven.

You'll want to focus on any of the dark spots in the oven itself and the door, but remember to avoid putting the paste on the coils in the back.

You can then leave it for a few hours or let it sit overnight so it can work its magic.

The paste will loosen up the grease and will actually cling to the baking soda, making it super easy to wipe down.

Once it's time to wipe, use a little bit of water on your sponge to break down the baking soda.

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