You’re using your pan wrong– there's an easy trick for knowing if food will stick to a stainless steel one while cooking

SCRAPING cooked food off a pan is certainly not something people look forward to when it comes to using a stovetop.

Fortunately, an expert says you shouldn’t need to do that anymore and shared an easy trick for knowing if food will stick to a stainless steel pan while cooking.

“Don’t like cooking with stainless steel because the food sticks?

“Do the water test,” text over a video posted to The Asian Test Kitchen’s TikTok account read.  

The person in the video then poured some water into a hot pan, which immediately collected into a large droplet.

“If the water forms a big droplet like this, then the pan is ready!” the video continued.

In the comment section of the video, the creator added: “Once the pan is hot enough, add oil before cooking. 

“It doesn’t need a ton, but some oil is needed to create a barrier.”

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They also noted that food often sticks to a pan because it is not hot enough in the first place.

And in response to a commenter who was concerned about the pan being too hot, another TikToker said: “When the water vaporizes, it's too hot. 

“When the water has the Leidenfrost effect, turn the temp[erature] down a bit and that’s the right heat.”

The original poster gave the comment an approving “Thank you!”

Per Science Friday, the Leidenfrost effect is “a phenomenon where a liquid heated past its boiling point doesn’t evaporate, but rather silently glides on the surface of whatever it’s resting on.” 

Another reason why food may stick to a pan is the simple fact that it’s not yet done cooking, according to another expert. 

In a helpful video they previously posted to TikTok, they noted: “If whatever you’re cooking – like meats/eggs/anything else – is sticking to the pan, it is not done yet.

“It will release when it’s done.”

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