You've been cleaning your oven all wrong – use this 8p hack to get the best results

A CLEANING fan has revealed the genius 8p hack that will leave your grimy oven looking transformed. 

The woman said her “five minute” tip has been a gamechanger – and simply involves a dishwasher tablet.

The cleaning whizz wrote on Facebook: “Oh. WOW. So, whilst I was waiting for the kettle to boil, I decided to see what all the fuss was about after seeing the tips on here about cleaning your oven door with a dishwasher tablet… and I am so astounded I might have to have a little lie down!

“Literally never going to be able to stop telling people about this hack.”

She then revealed exactly how she used the dishwasher tablet to clean the oven door.

She said: “I sprayed the glass with water from a spray bottle, and used a Finish Powerball tablet without much pressure needed at all, literally spray, rub and wipe away the excess.

“Used one dishwasher tablet and it didn’t scratch the glass at all and took about five minutes.

“Have tried Pink Stuff paste and tin foil, and I have a steam cleaner and neither were as quick or easy, and this had the best results by far with so little effort!”

Her post racked up hundreds of comments from cleaning fans, with one saying: “I’m going to do this!”

Another added: “I’m gonna do this Friday when I get home.”

And a third wrote: “Noooo way I am definitely giving that a go – tip of the day.”

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