You’ve been mashing your potatoes all wrong – the utensil you should be using for a light fluffy finish

THERE'S nothing worse than finding lumps in your mashed potato.

And if you want a fluffy finish to your mash, there's one kitchen utensil you should be using.

TikTok user Shana took to the social media site to share a video of how she makes her mash – with a whisk.

"Trust me, you won’t use the masher again!" she wrote alongside the video.

The clip showed her using a double electric whisk to mash up the potatoes, which she had previously boiled.

She added butter, salt, pepper, cream – either double or single – and mixed herbs or chives.

"I eyeball everything so can’t give exact measurements," she added.

Taking to the comments section, viewers praised Shana for the hack, with one writing: "I always do this.

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"Loads of people compliment how good the mash is and it’s way easier than a masher."

"I’ve used a electric mixer like this for my mash for 20+ years, it never fails," another person commented.

A third person wrote: "It’s true and just so much easier to make it rather than mashing !!"

Others weren't convinced, suggesting that the method would make the potatoes "gloopy" because whisking them releases the starch.

"Noo that’s like eating baby food !! Use a masher for the best mash," one person wrote.

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