You’ve been opening your sealed bottles all wrong – the right way doesn't require knives, scissors, or your teeth

THERE’S nothing better than learning a life hack that will simplify your daily routines.

One woman is sharing a tip that will make your morning coffee method more hassle free, and the internet is mind-blown.

A woman named Kassie Dawn, who typically shares videos online of her adorable toddlers, recently posted a clip that revealed the proper way to open bottled coffee creamer.

And the useful tip even applies to other sealed bottles as well.  

When faced with that silver foil that shuts a bottle, many of us struggle to lift the edge with a knife, cut a hole with scissors, or even resort to using our teeth.

The hack from this video proves that it isn’t meant to be that difficult.

In the clip, Kassie removed the plastic lip from the coffee creamer, turned the flap on the lid open, and used the ridged portion inside the flap to break the aluminum seal.

All it took was a little bit of pressure and a turn of the wrist.

Viewers were reasonable shocked, and excited, about the little-known trick.

One thankful follower commented: “I have rheumatoid arthritis and you’ve just made it possible for me to enjoy my coffee during a flare. My hands and I love you.”

Another hack to up your coffee game came from the All Recipes TikTok page. This one involved a make-shift milk frother.

In the video, a woman tested the hack: “I’m going to use this old soap bottle to froth milk.”

“Take your old soap bottle and clean it well. I used a little baking soda and hot water to get the smell out.”

She poured her milk into the foam soap dispenser bottle and began pumping into a cup of coffee.

Voila: the trick worked! The milk spumed out of the tip—white, plentiful, and foamy.

“No fancy frother required, you can store it in your fridge, and you’ve got frothed milk all the time,” she concluded.

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