You've been poaching your eggs all wrong… and the right way is SO much easier

FOR even the most advanced of home cooks, the humble poached egg can cause more than a few problems.

But the time has come to throw away your vinegar, forget about waiting for bubbles in the water and don't even think about using a poaching pod.

London based TikTok account Caught Snackin, made up of three wannabe chef friends, has shared a poached egg hack that will "change your brunch game forever".

Instead of using fancy tools or tricks, this clever hack requires just a ladle, a pan of bf boiling water and an egg.

Break the egg directly into the ladle, and then place the ladle on top of the boiling water – being careful not to allow water to seep into the middle.

Hold the ladle on top of the water, and wait until the white goes opaque – that's when the egg is ready.

Caught Snackin also suggested completing the perfect brunch by spreading some guacamole on a slice of sourdough bread, placing the egg on top and sprinkling on some salt and pepper.

The hack has already attracted positive comments from hordes of TikTok users, with one writing: "How did I not know this hack? Can never get a poached egg to work."

"That is the best hack I've ever seen in my entire life," another person commented.

However, others argued that the egg is actually coddled, rather than poached, as it's effectively steamed rather than being cooked in the water.

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