You’ve been using your can opener all wrong and the right way is SO much easier

YOU may think you’ve been using a can opener correctly all these years, but perhaps your method has been wrong this whole time.

A TikTok user has demonstrated how you should be using the kitchen device for the best results.

If you hold the can opener down the side instead of horizontally along the top, this tip is for you.

User Isabella Avila, who posts under @onlyjayus, said: “It doesn’t go sideways, it’s supposed to go flat like this.

“And then you twist it along this way.”

After showing how you are supposed to hold it flat on top, she added: “Okay so I just did the whole thing the flat way.

“And look, the can opens the correct way without having to dig your fingers in there.”


She also shared two other tips, including adding a wooden spoon on top of a pan of boiling water to stop it from bubbling over – and instead of flipping pancakes into the air, you can hold them on a spatula and then simply flip the pan instead. 

Her video has racked up 4.8million likes, so people were clearly impressed with her home hacks.

One said: “Thanks for the can opener tip.”

Another added: “This girl is smart.”

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