10 Barely Useful Yet Insanely Expensive Celebrity Purchases

Celebrities are known to spend their fortunes with incredible ease, and given the substantial wealth that many of these celebrities lay claims to, it’s easy to see how their spending can get wildly out of hand. The most famous faces are also the most notorious big spenders when it comes to gifting one another on special occasions, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a milestone moment that motivates them to drop stacks of cash. Celebrities have been known to make exorbitant purchases… just because. Some of the things they buy are sure to shock the average consumer, not just due to the price tag alone, but out of the sheer pointlessness of the purchase.

10 Bono’s Plane Ticket… For His Hat: $1700 Plane Ticket

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Bono flexed his wealth in the strangest way in 2003, after realizing that he had left his favorite hat in London. He was already in Italy, embarking on the part of his musical tour, but couldn’t imagine another moment without his beloved hat, so he did what most of us would consider being unthinkable. Rather than waiting for it to be mailed, he booked a first-class plane ticket for his hat and had it flown to him immediately. This set him back a cool $1700.

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9 Victoria Beckham’s Gold Plated iPhone Case: $33,000

Smartphones are expensive to purchase these days, as are their accessories, but Victoria Beckham seems completely un-phased. Known for her impeccable style and defined fashion sense, she decided to up her cellphone game in the most unusual way. She dropped $33,000 on a gold-plated case for her iPhone without flinching. It was made by designer Stuart Hughes and crafted to her liking.

8 Beyonce’s Leggings: $100,000

Beyonce takes a lot of pride in looking her best when she steps out, but she definitely took things to the next level when she spent $100,000 on a pair of leggings. Of course, they’re far from being average in any way. These very special Balenciaga leggings are embellished in pure gold and are as flattering as a pair of leggings can possibly be. Beyonce wore these in 2007 when she performed at the BET Awards.

7 Mike Tyson’s: White Bengal Tigers:  $150,000

6 Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion: $325,000

Socialite and heiress to the Hilton fortune, Paris Hilton, has been very forthcoming about her obsession with her lap-sized pups. She absolutely adores her little dogs and ensures that they live in the lap of luxury, much like she does. To ensure their total comfort, Paris spent $325,000 on miniature designer furniture, air conditioning, and a chandelier, making their home nicer than the one most people live in.

5 Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Golden Toilets: $750,000

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were married, they felt the need to invest in his and her toilets, which were, of course, made of gold. These dazzling and elaborate golden bathroom thrones came with a massive price tag that only the likes of these two celebrities could ever afford. Surely any toilet would be sufficient enough to use, but these ones set them back $750,000.

4 Celine Dion’s Humidifier: $2 Million

When Celine Dion agreed to take on her Las Vegas residency, everyone knew this beloved diva would make some exorbitant requests for herself. Interestingly, this didn’t come in the traditional way, in the form of a rider. Instead, Celine Dion asked for a very expensive, enhanced humidifier to ‘preserve’ her singing voice in the harsh desert climate. This misting humidifier was purchased and installed at the cost of $2 million.

3 Mike Tyson’s 24 Carat Bathtub: $2.2 Million

Mike Tyson’s spending habits got him on this list twice, and this time, he’s being scrutinized for his bathing habits. Apparently, a regular bathtub is just not good enough for the famous fighter. He sunk a jaw-dropping $2.2 million on a 24-carat gold bathtub, and although it’s dramatically unique and quite impressive to view, it really doesn’t seem to function any differently than any other bathtub would.

2 Steven Cohen’s Shark Suspended In Formaldehyde: $8 Million

Hedge fund manager Steven Cohen doesn’t just rake in the big bucks; he happens to be very good at spending his fortune, too. He’s worth an impressive $13 billion and has been known to invest in incredibly expensive art, including Willem de Kooning’s ‘Woman III’. While many can understand his desire to own that piece of art, most questioned him when he spent $8 million on a shark that is suspended in formaldehyde. This piece was designed by Damien Hirst and now lives with Cohen as part of his collection.

1 Jay-Z’s Race Horse: $55 Million

Jay-Z doesn’t ride horses, but he seemingly had no problem spending $55 million on a Kentucky Derby-winning horse named California Chrome. That’s an enormous price tag for a live animal that is susceptible to illness and has a limited life span like any other living creature. The horse is known to be a pure winner and can rake in lots of race money for Jay-Z, but it’s unlikely to even come close to earning back the cost of this enormous price tag.

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