10 Chilling Details Bravo's Dirty John Left Out From the Disturbing True Story

10 Chilling Details Bravo’s Dirty John Left Out From the Disturbing True Story

If you’re still reeling from the wild Dirty John finale, we’re right there with you. The eight-episode Bravo series — which is based on the true story of how interior designer Debra Newell (Connie Britton) fell prey to notorious con artist John Meehan (Eric Bana) — came to an end on Sunday night with the death of Meehan. While it may seem like a lot of the show was embellished for TV, it actually stuck pretty true to the story. Yes, it’s true that Meehan and Newell tied the knot after only a couple months of dating. And yes, it’s true that Meehan set Newell’s car on fire when they were separated, though it was actually a Tesla, not a Maserati. Still, there were a few important details that the Bravo series left out from the harrowing true story. Maybe they just couldn’t fit them all in eight episodes? We get it, it’s a lot.

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