14 brilliant kitchen gifts to buy for the cooking enthusiasts in your life


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From coveted Beko coffee machines to amazing tableware from Donna Wilson, these are the kitchen gifts for 2022.

If you’re currently Christmas shopping for the foodie in your life, it couldn’t be easier right now thanks to the plethora of food and kitchen gifts available to shop now. 

From chocolate presents and cheese delights to hampers from restaurants and chefs to incredible bottles of craft cocktails, gin and natural wines, it’s easy to find them something they’ll love this Christmas.

But finding them something they’ll be able to cherish beyond Christmas – alongside the edible and drinkable buys – is also a crucial life skill. That’s where our covetable list of kitchenware comes in…

From blenders, juicers, the best coffee machine you can lay your hands on and clever wine gadgets to gorgeous tableware, ceramics, textiles and useful bits, we’ve selected some of the greatest gifts for Christmas 2022. Bright, beautiful, innovative and original, these kitchenware buys are designed to make chefs’ lives easier or just add a bit of offbeat joy and prettiness to their kitchen counters and tablescaping.

Read on to discover the 14 best Christmas gifts for anyone who loves cooking, mixing, opening drinks, setting out a fabulous table or just wants their recipes read aloud to them… 

  • Beko bean to cup coffee machine

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Beko bean to cup coffee machine

    The coffee lovers in your life are going to love this.

    Beko’s bean-to-cup coffee machine is the ultimate way to create barista-style coffees right from your home, from cappuccinos, espressos and lattes. The coffee machine comes with a steam wand, allowing you to froth any milk of choice and contains a self-cleaning function for optimal hygiene.

    When it comes to using products like this, ease is always a priority and Beko’s bean-to-cup coffee machine has that down pact.

    At the click of a button, the machine comes to life to make your coffee of choice and for ultimate flexibility, you can choose and grind your favourite coffee beans, resulting in a more personalised coffee experience.

    Shop Beko bean-to-cup coffee machine, £279


  • Aarke nesting glasses set

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Aarke nesting glasses set

    Whether you’re purchasing this for a friend who’s moved into a new home or for someone with a love of glassware, these classic nesting glasses are perfect for the minimalist in your life.

    Each glass holds 29cl of liquid despite their varying sizes will fit together neatly in your kitchen cupboard.

    Shop Aarke nesting glasses set, £40


  • Maison Du Monde Blue bubble glass tumblers

    Best gifts for Christmas: Maison Du Monde Blue bubble glass tumblers

    Maison Du Monde has a huge selection of beautiful kitchen and tableware this Christmas but we particularly love these bright blue tumblers – perfect for water glasses. 

    Shop Maison Du Monde Blue bubble glass tumblers, £33


  • The Letteroom Nessie kitchen

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Nessie Kitchen Utensil from The Letteroom

    Nessie looks great but is also a brilliant cooking buy. Pick either the ladle or the colander or get the set of two for a useful mythological beast (maybe) to have round the kitchen. 

    Shop Nessie Kitchen Utensil at The Letteroom, from £13


  • Donna Wilson violet plate

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Violet Plate from Donna Wilson

    Painted by hand, Donna Wilson’s distinctive face plates look amazing on the table or kitchen wall. 

    Shop Violet plate at Donna Wilson, £26.50


  • Philips Viva Collection juicer

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Viva Collection Juicer HR1832 from Philips

    This compact juicer is ideal for small spaces and will kickstart a juicing obsession: perfect for a healthy and no-waste New Year. 

    Shop Viva Collection juicer HR1832 at Philips, £75


  • Sous Chef Intense fruity extra virgin olive oil in octopus terracotta bottle

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Intense Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Octopus Terracotta Bottle from Sous Chef

    The Frantoio Muraglia extra virgin olive oil bottle will not only look awesome on open shelves but also means you can top up the oil and save on packaging the rest of the year. 

    Shop olive oil in octopus terracotta bottle at Sous Chef, £38.50


  • Liberty London leopard salt and pepper shakers

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Leopard Salt and Pepper Shakers from Liberty London

    Add a little bit of the leopard trend to your tabletop with this ceramic pair of salt and pepper pots. 

    Shop Liberty London leopard salt and pepper shakers, £28.50


  • Thermapen classic thermometer

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Thermapen Classic thermometer

    Once you’ve got a Thermapen classic thermometer there’s no turning back. Perfect for cooking meat just prod it into the roast and voila: perfectly cooked.

    Shop Thermapen Classic thermometer, £48


  • Also The Bison Lepidoptera tray

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Lepidoptera Tray from Also The Bison

    This tray is a piece of art as each butterfly has been hand painted in watercolour by London-based designer Maddie Chambers before being digitally printed in Sweden onto a sustainable pressed birch wood tray.

    Shop Also The Bison Lepidoptera tray, £38


  • Quirk & Rescue Red and pink tea towel trio

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Red and Pink Tea Towel Trio from Quirk & Rescue

    Quirk & Rescue is known for its brilliant and original designs (we love the font tea towels) and these new designs have won our hearts and minds. 

    Shop Quirk & Rescue red and pink tea towel trio at Quirk & Rescue, £28


  • The Kenyan Craft Company handcrafted sisal basket bowls

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Handcrafted sisal basket bowls from The Kenyan Craft Company

    To add colour and flair to the table, these Rwandan handcrafted sisal basket bowls are exactly what you need and also ideal for fruit and veg on the counter. 

    Shop The Kenyan Craft Company Rwandan handcrafted sisal basket bowls, £29


  • Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker with clock

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Echo Dot smart speaker with clock from Amazon

    Now with a clock, the Echo Dot smart speaker is exactly what we need in the kitchen… “Alexa, how do you make risotto again?”

    Shop Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker with clock, £59.99


  • Pivot from Coravin

    Best kitchen gifts for Christmas: Pivot from Coravin

    For wine lovers, the ingenious combination of the pivot stopper and device means you can pour out wine but keep what’s left in the bottle preserved for up to four weeks. 

    Shop the Pivot at Coravin, £90.99


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