32 Summer BBQ Captions For Instagram That Are 100% Dad-Approved

The word around the block is that you and your besties may be having a barbecue this summer. The details aren’t completely figured out quite yet. You still have to decide who’s going to bring the freshly-squeezed lemonade, hot dogs and condiments, and potato salad. You need to scope out a picnic table near the lake, pick up some backyard-style games at the store, and learn how to make the perfect s’more. But otherwise, you’re basically prepared to get your grill and capture new memories on disposable cameras you’ll later get developed and post on Instagram. Can I lend a helping hand and some summer BBQ captions that are 100% dad-approved? Sweet!

Before I get into the captions, though, I should warn you. They’re not anything like your go-to quotes and phrases. Like the homemade mac and cheese that’ll be sitting right next to the corn on the cob at your barbecue, these captions are cheesy and loaded (with puns). They’re the jokes your dad might have made when you were a kid, when you hosted summer get-togethers with your family at your house. At the time, you always rolled your eyes and said something like, "That wasn’t that funny," as your dad cried from laughter. A few minutes afterwards, you cracked a smile, because truth be told, it was pretty witty.

You never wanted to admit it, and probably still wouldn’t if he ever asked or rolled out those jokes again — but you’d willingly turn some of his humor into social media-worthy captions to enhance your summer #content. Lucky for you, I already did that and gathered up these 32 BBQ captions that your dad will totally "like."

1. "Barbecue lover since birth."

2. "Hanging with my grill friends."

3. "Relish the good times and good tides."

4. "Here’s to a job well-done."

5. "Red, white, and barbecue."

6. "Meat me in paradise."

7. "I’d like you to meet the foodie crew."

8. "Sun’s out, buns out."

9. "Stop showing off. We get it, you’re hot."

10. "Playing ketchup with summer."

11. "I mustard you a question."

12. "Dear, burgers. You’re so barbe-cute."

13. "Let me be frank, I love summertime."

14. "You don’t like hot dogs? Well, you’re the wurst."

15. "It ain’t easy being cheesy."

16. "I know this is going to sound corny, but this is the best barbecue ever."

17. "You’re the only bun for me."

18. "Grill power."

19. "To be honest, I’m here for the food."

20. "Everybody needs a roll model."

21. "The s’more the merrier."

22. "I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry."

23. "That’s what cheese said."

24. "Say double cheese!"

25. "You better barbecue it."

26. "I like big buns and I cannot lie."

27. "You’re a real wiener."

28. "Ranch dressing is a blessing."

29. "I think we grilled too much food. Ugh, what a pickle."

30. "What’s up, dog?"

31. "Staying all up in my grill."

32. "Dill with it."

Aside from food, captions, and some very good company, you also need a few other things to bring your summer barbecue to the next level. You need some sparklers, beach towels, and maybe a bathing suit or two if you’re going to take a dip in the water. You need the best preset packs of the season, too, for when you eventually post your pics on Instagram.

I’d also suggest coming with some ideas for summer plans, so that you can have more fun in the sun with your besties. If you need captions for those adventures and travels, let me know! There’s plenty more where these came from.

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