4 Romantic Myers-Briggs Personality Types Who Crave Love & Commitment

Hookup culture can be a lot of fun, if what you’re seeking at the moment is something casual and fleeting. When you’re ready to commit and settle down with one person, however, it can be a bit frustrating to find someone who’s on the same page. Here’s the good news: No matter how many options we have available in our pockets courtesy of dating apps, there are some folks for whom real love and fidelity are much more likely to be their main goal. These are the Myers-Briggs personality types who crave love and commitment, and are ready to settle down with the right person.

Typically, these personality types are ones who are naturally emotionally generous. They give their all to the people around them without taking care of themselves. As such, they’re seeking an appreciating teammate who they can find a safe place with. They also tend to be more romantically inclined and crave a deeper, more personal connection with their partner. These are people who seek soulmates rather than bedmates. So, if you’re looking to date someone who really wants love and commitment, here are the Myers-Briggs personality types to be on the lookout for.

ENFJ (The Protagonist)

ENFJs are incredibly selfless. They make it their mission to ensure that everyone around them is feeling their best and are set up for success. They’re a shoulder to lean on with an ear to listen when you need it most. And they never think twice about giving their all. But that can also mean they forget to take care of themselves, and often don’t have the kind of support system they really need. As a result, they crave a partner who’ll have their back and provide the kind of emotional support they need to bolster them and make them feel loved and appreciated more than anything else in the world. In return you can always count on them to be there for you, making you feel like the only person in their world.

INFP (The Mediator)

For an INFP, their desire for love and commitment comes down to a need to feel truly understood by someone. They’re the embodiment of still waters running deep, and though their easy-going surface may make them seem as though they just go with the flow, below that beats the heart of a deeply emotional and passionate soul. What this personality type seeks is a connection that’s profound and deep. They want a true soulmate who understands and accepts them for the unique person they truly are at their core. Once they find that person, there’s no romantic gesture to big or small they won’t make to ensure their partner feels loved.

ENFP (The Campaigner)

To look at an ENFP in any social setting, you’d think they’re the most confident person on the planet. And while they do possess a fair amount of self-confidence, doubts do occasionally get the better of them. This is why they crave a partner who feels like home to them. Someone they can sweep off their feet and create a life with, and who’ll always be there when they need to take a break from presenting their fearless front. They also need a partner who embraces their vulnerability as well as their strengths.

ISFJ (The Defender)

If you’re looking for a romantic partner who’s unfailingly loyal, then don’t let an ISFJ slip under your radar. This personality type may seem reserved, but they’re all heart. They’re seemingly very shy, but when you talk to them you get the sense that they really understand you. That’s because ISFJs are empaths. They’re also closet romantics that fall hard and often harbor long-term crushes on their friends. But deep down, there’s nothing an ISFJ craves more than finding a partner who sees them for who they really are and and can connect with on a deeper level. They’re likely to be ready for a relationship, and when this personality type commits, they do so all the way as they’re looking for a life partner.

While no personality type has a monopoly on being in committed, loving, and romantic relationships, these four just make it look so easy.

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