44 Surprisingly Cheap Things On Amazon That Bougie People LOVE

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There’s a certain art to being bougie. The number one rule is to spend the least amount of money possible — but only on stuff that looks like it cost at least three times the price. You have to know exactly what stores to shop at, and you have to know exactly what you’re looking for (trust me, it’s harder than it sounds). But if you lean in close, I’ll let you in on a little secret: There are tons of surprisingly cheap products available on Amazon that bougie people love.

Now, when I say "cheap," I don’t mean flimsy or worthless — I’m talking about those bargain finds that make your friends say "Hey, where’d you get that?" For example, I’ve included a Himalayan salt block in here you can use while cooking. Just get it hot on the stove or grill, then cook your favorite meat on top to give it a salty infusion. Or, if your cat is as bougie as you are, there’s even a water fountain here for pets — yes, dogs included.

No matter whether you’re shopping for yourself or a four-legged pal, there are tons of brilliant products on Amazon that are practically made for bougie people — and considering the low prices, what’s not to love?

Whether it’s on your vanity or in your suitcase, this container is an easy way to keep your makeup sponges clean. It’s made from food-grade silicone that’s durable as well as odor-free, and the ventilation strips at the top allow your sponge to dry after you’ve washed it.

With its timeless stainless steel exterior, this knife block is designed to look great no matter how you’ve decorated your kitchen. The rods on the inside adjust to fit knives of all shapes and sizes, and it’s large enough that it can hold up to 12 knives. In the event it gets dirty, just pop off the bottom for easy cleaning.

With this travel blanket, you’ve got options: Keep it zipped up in the plush travel bag and use it as a pillow, or unfold it for a quick nap while you jet. There’s also a carabiner clip on one corner so that you can easily attach it to your carry-on. Choose from 12 colors, including beige, teal, red, blue, and more.

Just lay this beach blanket down the next time you’re looking for a place to sit outside, and the water-resistant polyester material will keep you dry no matter how wet the ground is. Once you’re ready to leave, fold it up into the convenient drawstring travel pouch. And if you’re worried about such lightweight material staying put, don’t worry — each order also comes with ground stakes to keep everything in place.

Instead of taking your entire bottle of perfume with you, just pour some of it into one of these refillable travel spritzers. Each one is made from high-quality aluminum, and the glass perfume reservoir on the inside is large enough to hold more than 70 sprays.

Smooth satin creates less friction against your hair than cotton, which means these pillowcases can help reduce unwanted frizz in your hair. They’re also super breathable so that you don’t have to worry about getting too hot at night, and each order comes with a matching eye mask and lavender spray. Choose from three colors: white, gray, or light pink.

Tired of getting sand in your drink while you’re at the beach? Then it might be time to grab this set of sand coasters. They’re large enough for cans, bottles, or even smartphones you want to keep away from the sand, and they stack inside of each other so that they don’t take up too much space in your bag.

No matter whether you’re biking or sitting at your desk, this personal fan can help you stay cool. The tripod legs are flexible enough that you can wrap them around handlebars, or even adjust them to balance on uneven surfaces. The battery is rechargeable via USB, and the wind speed is adjustable up to four levels.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money for a stylish pair of sunglasses, as these ones are available in more than 15 colors for just $15. While the lenses aren’t polarized, they’re still designed to block 100% of UVB and UVA rays. Plus, the frames are lightweight so that they won’t leave your ears feeling sore.

Most toilet bowl brushes are cumbersome and bulky — but not this one. The bristles remain hidden until you’re ready to scrub, and the slim profile makes it perfect for narrow, cramped spaces. It’s made from shatter-resistant plastic that’s BPA-free. Choose from six colors, including cream, navy, silver, and more.

If your complexion could use a little hydration in the middle of the day, just use this facial mister. It produces ultra-fine water droplets that won’t smudge your makeup, and the large water tank can provide up to 10 minutes of mist.

Creams, serums, lotions, foundation — you name it, this cosmetics container can keep it safe until you need it. The inside is completely leakproof and airless to help prevent bacterial growth, and it’s even TSA-approved so that you can take it with you in a carry-on bag.

Can’t seem to get that eyeliner straight? Make sure you’ve got this makeup mirror on hand. It provides one- and 10-times magnification so that you can see precisely what you’re doing, and the LED lights help you see no matter how dark your surroundings are.

Use it as a stick vacuum in your kitchen, or convert this vacuum to a handheld for small messes around the house. It only weighs 4 pounds so that it’s easy to transport, and the power cable is extra-long, eliminating the need to constantly change plugs.

Trying to keep your hands extra-clean? Then be sure to grab these convenient touch-free tools. They’re great for pressing elevator buttons as well as opening doors, and the hanging loop on the end makes it easy to loop them onto your key rings.

Your desktop, keyboard, coffee table — you name a spot, and this miniature vacuum can suck up any crumbs or dust on it. You only need to insert two AA batteries, and it’ll be able to run for up to 2.5 hours. The suction is adjustable up to two levels, and it’s completely cordless.

Not only can each of these hangers hold up to eight garments, but they’re also coated in soft velvet to help keep your delicate items protected. "My tank tops are easy to see and easy to find now that I don’t have to dig my drawers," one reviewer wrote. "I put more than one on a few because I more tops than slots and it works fine."

You won’t have to worry about this sleek wireless charger cracking, as it’s made from durable aviation aluminum. The LED indicator lights let you know when your device is fully charged, and it’s designed to work with most phones.

Looking for a portable backlit makeup mirror that’s larger than a compact? This one features a collapsible stand, and it’s easily recharged via USB. The dimmer switch lets you adjust how bright it is, and it’s small enough to fit in nearly any conventional backpack.

With four USB charging ports built into the back, this table lamp is perfect for your office desk, or even for a bedroom nightstand. The brightness is adjustable up to four levels, and there are 13 different LED colors to choose from.

With three different alarm settings you can program to suit your schedule, this sleek alarm clock is a fashionable upgrade to the cheap-looking plastic versions of yesteryear. You can also adjust the face’s brightness up to three levels, and it even tells you the temperature in the room.

Don’t let your sunglasses get lost in your car — just keep them in this case. It clips to your sun visor so that you’ll always know where it is, and there’s even a built-in card slot where you can stash parking receipts, cards, and more.

Leaving your bag on the floor of your car is an easy way to get it dirty, so why not grab this handbag holder? It keeps your bags, purses, and more suspended between the front seats, and it also works great as a dog barrier. The best part? There are zero tools required for installation.

The next time you’re dining out, make sure to use one of these hooks to keep your bag suspended off the ground. They each boast a rubber base that’s non-slip to help keep it firmly in place, and these ones are designed to resemble marble. However, you can choose from tons of colors and patterns including crystals, flowers, cacti, and more.

Since it’s made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass, you shouldn’t have to worry about this cold brew coffee maker cracking if you pour hot liquid into it. The reusable fine mesh inside prevents grounds from leaking into your beverage as the cold brew settles, and it’s so versatile that you can also use it to brew tea.

Just put this salt block on your grill or stove, and it’ll add a delicious hint of salt to any meat you cook on top of it. Made with real Himalayan salt, it’s naturally antimicrobial and even works great as a chic serving block.

Looking for an all-in-one charcuterie board? This one comes with four stainless steel serving knives that all stash away neatly in its hidden drawer. It’s made from organic bamboo, and the deep outer rim is a stylish touch.

Tired of seeing all those bottles sitting on your tub? Just consolidate them into this soap dispenser. Each order comes with waterproof adhesive, so that there’s no drilling necessary for installation — and it’s so versatile that you can mount it into corners as well as flat walls.

With a spill-proof rubber stopper at the spout, you won’t have to worry about this water bottle leaking while you’re on the go. When empty, it folds up so that it takes up hardly any space in your bag, and it’s also completely BPA-free as well as freezable.

Large enough for up to three pairs of shoes, this travel bag is an easy way to keep dirty soles separate from your clean clothes. There are three layers inside so that your kicks are also kept clean from each other, and it also works great as a regular packing cube.

Garlic, basil, mint, parsley — you name it, these herb scissors can take the work out of chopping it up. The five blades are made from stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, and each order comes with a protective blade case for storage.

Just slide this organizer between the front seats of your car, and you’ll instantly add two USB charging ports and two large pockets to hold your belongings. The best part? It’s made from high-quality PU leather that looks good no matter the interior.

You don’t need to carry an overflowing bag of laundry to the washer when you have this hamper, as the wheels on the bottom make it easy to slide along with you. It’s made from durable oxford fabric, and the drawstring mesh cover prevents anything from falling out.

Unlike Teflon pans, this granite-coated one is completely non-stick as well as PFOA-free. The interior is made from cast aluminum to help your food heat evenly, and the faux wood handle is oven-safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this utensil organizer expands to fit your drawers to help you maximize your storage space. There are eight compartments when fully expanded, and it also works great for storing crafts, office supplies, and more.

Able to hold everything from earrings to bracelets, these stackable jewelry trays are a space-efficient alternative to bulky chests. Each one is coated with high-quality velvet so as not to scratch your valuables, and you have the choice of three colors: grey, black, or white.

Clip this ring light onto your phone, and it’ll illuminate your selfies with a subtle glow. It’s conveniently rechargeable via USB, and the clamp features a soft pad so that it won’t scratch your phone. You can even clamp it onto your laptop for video calls.

Just insert the stopper, then give it a few presses with this vacuum pump to remove all the air. Each order comes with one pump and two stoppers, and they’re able to keep all types of red and white wines fresh for up to one full week.

Not only does mounting hardware come included with each order, but this hallway organizer is so versatile that it can hold everything from magazines to keys. It’s made from shatter-resistant plastic that’s BPA-free, and you have the choice of five colors: white, light pink, cream, stone, or black.

You never know what’s floating around the air in your bathroom, so why not keep your toothbrush bristles protected with this holder? It easily mounts to your walls using the included adhesive pad, and each order also comes with an automatic toothpaste dispenser to help minimize waste.

Tired of struggling to open jars? Just grab this automatic jar opener. It’s designed to work with a variety of jars, and the built-in magnet helps ensure that it stays put. To work, all it needs are two AA batteries (which aren’t included).

You won’t have to go around turning these night lights off when the sun comes up, as they’re made with dusk-to-dawn sensors that turn them off when the room is bright. They’re made with energy-efficient LED bulbs, and each one has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Apparently, some cats prefer running water to still bowls — but even dogs will enjoy this pet water fountain. It runs at an ultra-quiet level so that it doesn’t disturb you while you’re working, and there are three different modes to choose from: flower waterfall, flower bubble, or gentle fountain.

Eczema, psoriasis, blemishes, oily skin — you name it, and this bar of African black soap can help soothe any irritated areas on your body. It’s also great for exfoliating old skin flakes, and it’s made with aloe vera, vitamin E, oats, and more. Plus, one reviewer wrote that "it smells lovely and keeps my skin clear."

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