5 bone-breaking, Chan-tastic moments from Jackie Chan’s new memoir ‘Never Grow Up’

“Jackie Chan: The Movie” might initially seem like a stretch for the martial arts living legend, now 64.

But this life story, as told in the star’s impossibly colorful memoir “Never Grow Up,” (Gallery Books, 333 pp., ★★★ out of four), would have Charles Dickens speed-dialing Chan’s film agent for movie rights — with tales of Chan’s impoverished youth (from age 6, enrolled in the abusive China Drama Academy), lost loves, undying ambition fueled by his insecurity over his upbringing, true bravery and eventual glory.

It’s all told with Chan’s blunt speaking-style which makes the revelations — from his legitimately deadly screen stunts to his prattish star behavior towards a string of broken-hearted lovers — all the more emotionally powerful.

Chan only pulls back from the candor with his eventual Hollywood success (he was granted an honorary Oscar last year). For example, the section detailing 2010’s “The Karate Kid” with Will and Jaden Smith is disappointingly thin.

But here are three bone-crushing moments:

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