8 best walking leggings for 2022

FOR long walks in the park or epic hikes through forests, the best walking leggings are comfy, flexible and a dream to wear when you're out for a day's adventure.

There's been a major boom for athleisure wear in recent years and there are a whole host of designs to choose from, whatever your style.

From colourful cropped walking leggings for fashionistas to extra-long styles for leggy walkers, the market for leggings is huge and there's a look and fit to suit just about everyone.

Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll or a brisk long-distance power walk, the key to excellent walking leggings is support and comfort with a dash of style thrown in for good measure.

The material is also important and dependent on your needs; while some may prefer lightweight fabric during warmer months, others may be looking for leggings that are waterproof to protect them from the elements.

We have found the best walking leggings to suit an array of budgets and needs.

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