8 Ways Jerry Seinfeld Spends His Fortune

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has held the title of highest-paid comedian in the world for more than 15 years (with the exception of 2016 when Kevin Hart took the lead). With a net worth of $950 million, the star of television’s hit sitcom Seinfeld, has made more than $3 billion in syndication alone, since the end of the series in 1998.

The 68-year-old hasn’t retired just yet. He continues to book a full schedule of stand-up shows and landed a $100 million contract with Netflix. Yet, with plenty of cash to do pretty much anything, check out the different ways the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee star spends his fortune.

8 Family

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Of course, Seinfeld’s three children have benefitted from the massive wealth of their father. It was reported that each of the children had lavish and star-studded bar and bat mitzvahs in which friends and families gathered to celebrate over wine and delicious food. Celebrities like Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Howard Stern were in attendance.

In 2019, the oldest, Sascha began studying at Duke University. In 2021, middle and oldest son Julian began his college career at Duke and the youngest son Shepherd is preparing to graduate high school, so it’s safe to say a portion of Seinfeld’s cash will be going to higher education over the next few years.

7 Staying Healthy

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Though The Bee Movie star isn’t a huge fan of working out, he actually met he wife Jessica at the Reebok Gym in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. According to CNBC, he typically works out three times a week and is a big fan of transcendental meditation and like Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga, credits the practice to much of his success. Outside of day-to-day routines, the family enjoys skiing in Colorado and riding bikes along the beach.

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6 For the Love of Shoes

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Seinfeld’s trademark style includes a nice suit and white sneakers and it’s estimated he has about 500 pairs to choose from. The icon has been seen sporting Nike Air Tech Challenge II’s, Air Jordan IV’s, Nike Cortez and Nike Huaraches. Each pair is estimated at several hundred to several thousand dollars.

5 Traveling In Style

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How does Seinfeld get around to the many stand-up gigs he’s scheduled for? Through a shared ownership program, NetJets, he co-owns two brand new bombardier challenger jets valued at $26 million apiece. The comedian also owned a super yacht, MOKA, but sold it in 2019 in favor of the traditional beach vacation.

4 Vacations

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Seinfeld, his wife Jessica and their three children aren’t opposed to taking some time off and traveling to far reaching places across the globe. They are also keen on vacationing with other celebrity friends. Just this spring, the Seinfeld’s were on a luxury trip to St. Barts alongside stand-up friend Colin Quinn and wife Jen Sochko. He was seen lounging on beach chairs with fellow comedian and friend Amy Schumer in Ibiza and in 2014, the entire Seinfeld clan visited Greece with Kelly Ripa.

3 Car Collection

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According to Autowise, the super private comedian hasn’t disclosed every car he owns and we don’t even have an exact value of the collection (though there are more than 150 of them), however, in his hit Netflix show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, fans are able to see a sneak peek of what Seinfeld has at his disposal. We know the star as several of his favorite brand, the Porsche and in 2016 he sold 18 collectibles for $22 million just to make room for some of his favorites. Seinfeld also has a dedicated fleet management team to keep his vehicles in top-notch shape. Some of the rarest in the collection include a 1957 Fiat 500, a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Coupe and a 1955 Porsche 550 RS.

2 Real Estate

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The Long Island native still owns a $4.35 million duplex apartment in New York City as well as a mansion in the Hamptons. The Hampton property features a 22-car garage, an additional three-bedroom guest house, a pool and even a baseball diamond. In addition, the comedy star keeps many of his 150-car collection in a $1.4 million custom garage in Manhattan. It appears the couple are in between additional home purchases at the moment, as the Seinfeld’s recently sold their home in L.A. and two homes in Telluride, CO.

1 Philanthropy

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According to The Things, Seinfeld didn’t grow up rich, which may play a role in his generosity. He has his own foundation, GOOD+ with his wife Jessica. The foundation primarily works to dismantle generational poverty and provides everything from food to educational assistance for those in need. It’s estimated Seinfeld donates up to several million to a long list of charities per year.

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