Add title Ducky the ShihTzu wears bunches, braids, top knots and buns

With hairdressers closed for many across the UK right now, you might be sporting a range of interesting hair styles.

And while you might not quite pull off the loose top knot, there is one who absolutely can – Ducky the Shih Tzu.

The dog is famous for his incredible locks.

Owner, Erin Lea, 30, loves styling the pooch’s hair in bunches, braids, top knots and buns.

He sits patiently while Erin styles it every day, even letting her twist it into two perfect braids.

Erin, an office manager, from Texas, US, said: ‘Ducky has such long hair on the top of his head that it’s so easy to style.

‘He loves it and is so pampered that he has a bigger wardrobe than myself and my husband, Mike, 33, combined.

‘We’ve now got an entire bedroom dedicated for his things and he has racks of clothes with are mostly all bespoke.

‘Ducky loves wearing clothes and accessories, he’ll even sit still with a pair of glasses on.

‘Ducky is such a little fashionista and due to his size, he can normally fit into baby clothes.’

Erin has posted thousands of photos of Ducky online and has amassed over 11,000 followers on his Instagram page @duckysdoings.

She added: ‘Ducky is just as sassy as he looks in his photos.

‘He loves being pampered and lives off fresh dog food, he loves cheese and sleeps with me and Mike every night.

‘There’s no doubt that he knows he’s special.’

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