Angelina Questions Her Entire Marriage After Pet Psychic Says Chris Cheated on Jersey Shore

"Hearing from the pet psychic such bad news, I have a lot of f—ing things to think about."

Angelina Pivarnick may be ready to pull the plug on her marriage to Chris Larangeira — after a meeting with a pet psychic rocked her world on “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.”

The reality star invited costars Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Deena Nicole Cortese over for a reading on Thursday’s new episode. While they were all under the impression the reading was for Angelina herself, it wound up being for Pivarnick’s dog, Peanut.

That being said, the woman described herself as a “psychic medium, pet communicator and author” — and immediately started tapping into all four women as well. Right off the bat, she told Deena that she needed more Vitamin D and iron in her life, while telling Snooki she needed to hurry up and finish her book — something Nicole then confirmed she had been working on.

“You and hubby are having real turbulent issues,” the woman then told Angelina, adding that their pooch “really doesn’t like Chris.”

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Pivarnick then started asking about her husband spending the night at a hotel with two women. At the time, he claimed nothing happened and he slept alone, while they were in another bed. “Did he sleep with her?” asked Angelina. “Let’s just say, short of that,” the psychic replied.

“I literally can get undressed right in front of him, he don’t even look at me. Is he talking to other women right now?” she then asked the woman. Her response: “Come on, Angelina, you’re not that naive.”

When asked what her husband was “doing for f—ing sex,” the psychic replied, “I just told you!”

“Hearing that Chris is stepping out of the marriage is beyond hurtful to me,” Pivarnick said in a confessional. “Is it true? Is it not true? I don’t know.”

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With that, the woman then started to really rail on Larangeira, claiming she was picking up everything from Peanut.

“What is it going to take for you to wake up? Poor Peanut. She knows everything. She watches everything in this house. She is your real life angel. Peanut is ready to go,” she exclaimed. “You’re not staying here, you’re actually going to go to a bigger house without him. But there’s somebody waiting. I see him and I see you’ve met him already.”

Angelina confirmed she had been house hunting and hadn’t told anyone about it yet, while the other girls joked that the psychic was referring to Vinny Guadagnino.

“He doesn’t eat properly. He eats junk food all the time. He eats like a 6 year old. Your mother’s not so keen on him,” the woman continued, reading Larangeira. “Why would you want to be with a man who’s with all these other people? He’s also a narcissist.”

“But you have to make a decision: Am I worthy enough to move on?” the woman then asked. “Or am I going to stay in this unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship and poor Peanut here is going to be subject to the crap.”

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She also told Angelina that as long as she’s unhappy, her pets will also be unhappy — before telling Pivarnick she needed to work on her own self confidence as well.

“This is like a nightmare for me. I don’t know what to do at this point,” said Angelina after the reading. “Hearing from the pet psychic such bad news, I have a lot of f—ing things to think about. Where do I go from here?”

While the reading only seemed to reinforce Pivarnick’s questions about her husband, Deena suggested in a confessional that maybe she take this new intel with a grain of salt — asking, “How can Angelina leave Chris by talking to a lady that’s talking to a dog?”

The divorce talk will continue next week, so stay tuned. “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

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