Anti-aging for the neck: ‘From turkey neck to swan neck’ – ‘lift and tighten every inch’

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An anti-aging routine for the neck can take you from “turkey neck to swan neck”, according to face yoga expert and cosmetologist Monna. Monna is a certified face yoga coach and cosmetologist. She claims her online facelift course guarantees results.

She claims to have transformed her face, reversing an uneven jawline and eyebrows, as well as adding definition to her face.

Monna, who posts her tips on her Instagram account @faceyoga_monna, has been a certified cosmetologist since 2003, however, says face yoga was the “missing link” in her beauty routines.

She preaches the “true power” of facial massage and says “massaging your face for one to two minutes a day can make a difference that you will both see and feel.”

The face expert showed a face yoga technique to create an elegant and long neck.

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She asked: “Are you ready to go from turkey neck to swan neck?”

So how do you perform the move and reap the benefits?

Monna’s face yoga routine for a sagging neck

First Monna put both hands on her shoulders, pulling them down, making she was not slouching or shrugging.

She then pushes out her lower jaw and chin as far as she can, so her bottom teeth move past her upper teeth.

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She then turns her head to the right and brings her jaw up as high as she can, widening her eyes and looking up at the ceiling.

Monna holds the position for five seconds before looking back to the middle.

She then performs the move on the other side.

Then she repeats the whole routine again.

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Does face yoga make you look younger?

More and more studies are beginning to support the idea face yoga can make you look younger.

In a study in 2018, in which middle-aged women did a 30-minute face exercise session, most had fuller faces at the end and claimed to be highly satisfied with the results.

However, experts still consider more studies to be necessary to fully support the claims.

There is, however, a lot of anecdotal evidence of people claiming to have seen a result.

Fans of face yoga claim it can help people to look younger, help with headaches, and improve face symmetry.

Another expert described the best face yoga moves for anti-aging. In fact, they revealed an exclusive face yoga routine for a sagging neck. 

Philippa from Luminous Face Yoga teamed up with Prai Beauty.

Follow her eight steps below to breathe new life back into your neck and turn back the clock.

Katy Eccles, Education Director at Prai Beauty, said: “By working the often neglected, smaller neck muscles, with simple easy to use on go yoga moves you can improve tech necks, eradicate jawline slouches and help create a firmer more streamlined neckline with no special equipment and just a few minutes of your time each day.”

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