‘Apprentice of the year’ went to Parklife with Kinder Egg full of pills up bum

A drug dealer previously crowned ‘Apprentice of the year’ went to a festival with a Kinder Egg full of pills stuffed inside his bum.

Dominic Lundon, 21, had gone to Parklife Festival in Manchester with MDMA stashed inside his anal cavity – which was found during a stop and search in a performance tent.

Lundon, who was named ‘Apprentice of the year’ by his employer Veolia UK, had a snap bag with two yellow tablets in as well as a further 48 tablets in a plastic egg, Manchester Crown Court heard.

The court was told Lundon’s mother works at the Whitechapel Centre in Liverpool, helping drug users at the centre which supports homeless people in the city.

A sentencing hearing heard that Lundon, from Liverpool, had gone to the festival last year with eight of his friends, reports the Manchester Evening News.

David Lees, prosecuting, said the drugs were found when he was stopped and search in a performance tent.

After being arrested, Lundon told police that the drugs were for his personal use.

But they also seized his mobile phone, which uncovered texts going back a month in which drug dealing at the festival was discussed.

"At one point he complains about the cost of the coach fair, but is reassured he will make it back," Mr Lees said.

Prosecutors said that there was also evidence that Lundon had dealt drugs at other festivals.

“It’s clear that he can’t use mitigation that this is the only time he has done it," Mr Lees added.

Carmel Wilde, defending, said: "This offence is very much out of character for this young man."

She said that Lundon had not initially told his mother about what happened, and when he did she was in a state of ‘absolute shock’.

Ms Wilde said that looking back it now ‘makes sense’ to his mother, as his behaviour had changed.

The barrister said that Lundon had took to binging on drink and drugs as a way of coping following the death of his father in 2014.

Since his offending he has become drug free, the court was told.

He is ‘very well respected’ at work and won the ‘apprentice of the year’ award at waste management company Veolia UK, Ms Wilde said.

But Judge Michael Leeming said a deterrent sentence was needed, as it was an aggravating factor that the drugs were being sold at a large festival.

He said: "You are a young man of immense talent, highly intelligent and well thought of by those who know you well.

"This was a series of judge poor decisions made by you over a period of a few weeks.

"This is not isolated but planned offending, as those texts plainly demonstrate.

Your family are in complete shock that you behaved in this particular way.

"You have only got yourself to blame for putting yourself in this position."

Lundon, of Hedgecote, Liverpool, was jailed for two years and seven months after pleading guilty to one count of possessing MDMA with intent to supply.

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