Aussie parents pick apart this seemingly innocent school lunchbox

Picky parents critique a seemingly innocent school lunchbox and point out the potential ‘flaws’ – so can you spot the problems?

  • Parents have picked out the flaws in this seemingly innocent school lunchbox
  • A creative mum shared her kid’s pre-prepared school lunchbox to Facebook
  • Commenters said the sandwich would dry out and the avocado would brown 
  • Another said to loosen the yoghurt container lid so her child can open it easily

Parents have pointed out the subtle flaws in this delicious looking lunchbox an Australian mum shared to Facebook. 

Commenters questioned whether the cute butterfly sandwich would dry out before school lunchtime and advised the mum to loosen the yoghurt container’s lid. 

In a post to a popular Facebook group an anonymous mum showed off her pre-prepared kid’s school lunchbox containing a ham avocado and tomato sandwich, cheese stick, yoghurt, tomatoes, cucumber, cantaloupe, pineapple, pear, and a sugar-free unicorn bar. 

Parents were quick to criticise a Australian mum’s seemingly innocent lunchbox with a butterfly sandwich, fruit and yoghurt, she prepared on Sunday evening before school.

Group members were quick to praise the creative school lunch but some had reservations. 

‘That’s so gorgeous! It’s a shame it won’t look the same when they open it….it all gets messed up once in the bag,’ one woman wrote. 

‘Won’t the sandwich go very dry by tomorrow??’ Said a second.

‘Shouldn’t it be in an air tight container,’ one person responded.

‘Don’t forget to loosen the yogurt lids,’ another mum commented, saying kids struggle to open them themselves. 

Another questioned whether the avocado in the sandwich would brown but the mum recommended adding lemon and salt to keep it green until lunch time.  

It wasn’t all negative though as dozens of parents left thoroughly impressed responses.  

‘I would seriously wet my pants if I got a butterfly sandwich for school! I love the effort you put into everything,’ one woman joked. 

‘Gosh. You’re a fantastic mamma. A butterfly sandwich. Wow. This is all brilliant brain food. Looks delish,’ another user commented. 

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