Baffled social media users reveal VERY amusing design fails

Back to the drawing board! Hilarious design fails will leave you scratching your head – including glass toilet cubicles and doorways to nowhere

  • Hilarious design blunders were posted to Reddit by users from across the globe
  • Mishaps included a door on a staircase that was blocked by a handrail
  • Another image showed a staircase in Manila which had a power line through it

Baffled social media users have shared the mind-boggling design mishaps they’ve stumbled across.

The hilarious blunders, posted to Reddit, include an inaccessible door blocked by a metal handrail and another that was positioned halfway up a brick wall.

Another person photographed a staircase in Manila which has what appears to be a power line running through the centre of a step.

In another case, a social media user shared an image of a row of toilet stalls inside a bathroom – which left little room for privacy as the cubicles were entirely transparent.

Here, FEMAIL has rounded up the most bewildering of the photographs shared by users from across the globe.

No access! One user, from an unknown location, shared an image to Reddit of a door placed above a staircase – with the rail blocking access to the room

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High voltage! Another user shared a photograph of a staircase in Manila, the Philippines, which has what appears to be a power line running through the middle of it

Don’t look! This photograph, taken in an unknown location, pictures a series of bathroom stalls which offer absolutely no privacy

Staircase to nowhere! This image, believed to be taken in the US, shows a staircase placed just a little too far to the side of a floating door

Off centre! This house, believed to be in the US, suffered a deign mishap with the placement of its front door – as it is far from lined up with the entrance way

What? It seems there’s no way to access this door, photographed in an unknown location, which appears to have been discovered inside a wall

Floating! Another user, from an unknown location, photographed a door floating in the middle of an elevated walkway

Baffling! The placement of this fridge confused people on social media, as it was in an enclave away from the rest of the kitchen

Careful! You would need a steady step to make your way to this door – which is only accessible from a plank of wood placed precariously on a staircase

Closed! This homeowner, from the US, can’t open their window because of its placement

Out of line! Another user, from an unknown location, said this section of misplaced tiles ‘triggered their OCD’

Wow! Another user said this house, in California, looked like it was designed by ‘someone playing the Sims for the first time’

Don’t drop it! This precariously placed grate, in an unknown location, could prove disastrous if the homeowner dropped their keys

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