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UNFORTUNATELY for some, storing a bike outside is a necessity, with no room in their home, shed or garage for their pride and joy.

If you have this issue, it’s worth investing in a bike cover to keep it protected.

Although your bike can handle most elements while it’s being ridden, leaving it sat in damp conditions for extended stretches of time can lead to damage such as rust.

That’s why it’s worth purchasing a bike cover, as it will help to extend the life of your bike and its components.

A bike cover will generally be made out of a waterproof material that will also protect your bike’s paint job against fade from the sun’s UV rays.

Those at the premium end of the scale will include features such as eyelets for chain locks to be thread through, while elasticated hems will keep the cover in place on your bike, even in strong winds.

Not sure where to start when looking for a bike cover? Follow our guide below to find the perfect one for you.

1. Zacro Bicycle Cover

  • Zacro Bicycle Cover, £9.99 from Amazon – buy here

Zacro’s offering will protect your bike come rain or shine (and snow, dust and wind for that matter).

The cover has elasticated bottom hems, double-stitched hems that have been sealed to prevent water leaking through joins in the fabric, and can fit almost any bike (including 29” mountain bikes).

It also includes a free storage bag that the cover can be stuffed into when not in use.

2. Awnic Waterproof Bike Cover

  • Awnic Waterproof Bike Cover, £9.98 from Amazon – buy here

Only slightly more expensive, there’s not a lot in it between the Awnic cover and the Zacro offering above.

It too is wind-resistant, waterproof and anti-UV (helping to protect your bike’s paint), while it is marginally thicker, so should be slightly better at resisting tears.

One notable feature is the buckle at the base of the cover, which can be tied and tightened in the highest winds.

3. B’Twin Protective Bike Cover

  • B’Twin Protective Bike Cover, £14.99 from Decathlon – buy here

Decathlon’s in-house brand offers up some great value products that are possible to check out in-store before you buy too.

Its bike cover does as you’d expect, protecting your bike from the elements, while its unassuming black cover could help keep it hidden from potential thieves.

A big selling point though is its two-year guarantee, which ensures it’ll be able to withstand a couple of tough winters at the least.

4. Goose Bicycle Cover

  • Goose Bicycle Cover, £24.75 from Amazon – buy here

The premium grade offering from Goose is the most expensive single-bike cover on this list, but its additional features might make it worth the investment.

The cover is made from a 210 denier Oxford fabric that is a light, flexible canvas that has had a waterproof treatment to protect your bike from wet conditions.

Security eyelets at the front are ideal for a cable lock, a storm strap at the rear helps to keep it in place during high winds, while front and rear elastic hems guarantee a perfect fit. It also is available in a range of sizes to match your bike.

5. BTR Ultra Bike Cover

  • BTR Ultra Bike Cover, £29.99 from Amazon – buy here

The Ultra from BTR does exactly as it says on the tin, offering up heavy-duty and resilient protection for your bike against the elements.

At 2.5kg, it’s the heaviest on this list by far. But its 210 denier polyester fabric, PVC coating and sealed waterproof seams make it perfect for keeping your ride rust-free year round.

What’s more, it’s big enough to fit two bikes, while it also has two security eyelets at the front for a chain lock and a storm strap to keep it secure in windy conditions.

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