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WE all love to count down to Christmas and it's even more fun when you can get a great advent calendar at a great price during the Black Friday sale.

Whether you prefer chocolate, beauty or candles, or an advent calendar for the kids, here are the best Black Friday advent calendar deals.

Best beauty advent calendar deals

  1. Cowshed Advent Calendar Set, £70, save £70 from LookFantastic – buy here
  2. Ciaté London Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar (Worth £125), £32.50, save £32.50 from LookFantastic – buy here
  3. Macmillan 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar, £38, save £50 from Boots – buy here
  4. Perricone MD 12 Wishes Granted Advent Calendar (Worth £365.00), £90, save £90 from LookFantastic – buy here

Best chocolate advent calendar deals

  1. Lindt LINDOR Milk Lovers Advent Calendar, £9, save £3 from Boots – buy here
  2. Kinder Bueno Advent Calendar, £7.50, save £2.50 from Boots – buy here
  3. Ferrero Collection Advent Calendar, £12, save £4 from Boots – buy here
  4. Love Cocoa Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar with Truffles, £21.95, save £3.05 from Amazon – buy here

Best kids advent calendar deals

  1. Disney Advent Calendar, £20.10, save £9.90 from Boots – buy here
  2. Marvel 12 Sock Advent Calendar, £16.75, save £8.25 from Boots – buy here
  3. Paw Patrol Advent Calendar, £14, save £13.99 from Amazon – buy here
  4. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar, £16, save £5 from Amazon – buy here

Best beer advent calendar deals

  1. Brewdog Craft Beer Advent Calendar, £59.95 from Brewdog – buy here
  2. Beer52 Luxury Craft Beer Advent Calendar, £79.20, save £19.80 from NotOntheHighStreet – buy here
  3. Beerwulf Advent Calendar Beer Case, £75.99, save £8 from Beerwulf – buy here
  4. Beer Hawk Advent Calendar, £42.50, save £7 from Beer Hawk – buy here

It's also worth checking out these retailers to see if you can score a discount:

  • Shop Amazon's advent calendar deals here
  • Shop Boots advent calendar deals here
  • Shop Look Fantastic advent calendars here
  • Shop Liberty advent calendars here


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When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday falls on a different day each year, but it always takes place on the day after the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. You don’t need to live in the US to enjoy the bargains though – Black Friday is now a red-letter day here in the UK too.

In 2022, the retail bonanza is taking place on November 25. As well as on the actual Friday, there are plenty of bargains to be found in the days running up to Black Friday, with discounts continuing on to Cyber Monday (November 28 this year).

You can find out more about Black Friday and how to score the best deals in our Black Friday explainer.

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

Cyber Monday is on November 28 this year and judging by past years, we should see plenty more exclusive deals and discounts following on from the Black Friday sale.

Most beauty retailers taking part in Black Friday will offer Cyber Monday discounts too, so it's worth keeping your eyes peeled for announcements over the weekend.

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What are the best advent calendars?

There are plenty of advent calendars to choose from – it all depends the kind of calendar you're looking for. We have guides for the best calendars available this year, such as the best beauty advent calendars, the best wine advent calendars, best tea calendars, and the classic, best chocolate advent calendars.

Out of all these categories available, some of our favourites include the LookFantastic Advent Calendar, the Hotel Chocolat advent calendar, and Mankind Advent Calendar.

Where can I buy beer advent calendars?

There are many beer advent calendars available this year, from bitters, stouts, IPAs, and pale ales. We personally love the Bier Company Ultimate Craft Beer Advent Calendar, the Brewdog Craft Beer Advent Calendar, and the Beerwulf Advent Calendar.

For more options, check out our selection of the best beer advent calendars.

Where to buy a gin advent calendar?

Nothing's better than a good G&T, we know. So a gin advent calendar is the best treat you could ever buy for someone (or yourself!) – we've also created a guide to the best gin advent calendars around for 2022. Our favourites for this year include the That Boutique-y Gin Company Advent Calendar, the Twelve Days of Gin Advent Calendar, and the Drinks by the Dram's Premium Gin Advent Calendar.

Advent calendar discount codes

The Sun Vouchers has discount codes for many stores that sell advent calendars. Check out the following to potentially get an even better deal on your advent calendar this year:

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  • Brewdog discount codes
  • Mankind discount codes

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