Best shoe storage hacks from £7 to keep your home tidy

We’re all guilty of it, kicking our shoes off at the front door and creating a big untidy trip hazard. If shoes everywhere is frustrating you then we’ve rounded up some of our favourite shoe storage solutions from just £7, to ensure that you can get your favourite shoes into an orderly fashion.

And while this is great to help you tidy up, remember, not storing your shoes properly can also mean they can get damaged and you really wouldn’t want that.

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Wall mounted shoe rack, Was £79, Now £39,

While this rack can sit on the floor you can also attach it to the wall to help with space.

Shoe racks are great to not only keep all of your shoes together but so you can see exactly what you have.

Door shoe rack, £20, Dunelm

If you don’t want to have your shoes on show to guests, a door rack is another great investment.

This rack can store up to 30 pairs of shoes so you can save on space.

Two shelf shoe rack, £16, Argos

If you’re someone who loves to have their things tucked away, these shelves are great to pop into the bottom of your wardrobes.

And rather than chucking your shoes on top of one another, you can store more in an organised manner.

Shoe holders, £18, John Lewis & Partners

We can’t be the only ones guilty of occasionally chucking our shoes into our wardrobes or floors and not worrying about damaging them.

Shoe holders are really great at preventing shoes from damage when putting on them on top of one another.

Shoe storage bag, £19.99, Amazon

If you’re sorting out your wardrobes, one of the best things to do is to separate items into spring/summer and autumn/winter.

This way you’re not over packing your wardrobes and you have all you need right there.

These storage bags from Amazon are great for you to tuck your extra pairs away either under your bed or in a cupboard.

They also have a cover so they are protects from moths and dust.

Hanging storage compartment, £7, IKEA

If you don’t have space to store shoes under your beds or on the floor of your wardrobes, a hanging storage compartment is really useful.

Not only do they have space to store bigger footwear such as boots etc, but you can also pop other pieces of clothing such as T–shirts in with them.

Drawer shelf unit, £80, La Redoute

If you’re feeling particularly artistic and want to have your best shoes on shoe, this is a great way to exhibit them.

Not only that, but these shelves also come with build in draws so you can keep all your accessories or smaller shoes in them.

Perspex cubes, From £42.50, Puffin Plastics

Aim to impress guests with another creative way of of displaying your shoes.

With these you can experiment with formation and sizes of cubes to accommodate various size footwear.

Shoe ottoman, £16, Dunelm

If you’re an "out of sight, out of mind" person, an ottoman is very useful for tucking shoes away.

Not only that but they don’t take up much space and still look stylish in your rooms.

Storage cabinet, Was £84.99, Now £67.99, Wayfair

Another storage idea is to invest in a shoe storage cabinet.

Think of it as disguised shoe storage, with space on top for extra accessories, this would look fab in a hallway too.

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